How to Reach Corporate Executives

Business owners, leaders and C-level executives hold tremendous influence over their organizations’ decisions. In many cases, they are the final arbiters of spending choices, so reaching them with persuasive offers is critical.

Three Key Factors in CEOs’ Decision-Making


When deciding whether to act, executives respond best to offers that answer one or more of these three questions:

  • How will it save time?
  • How will it earn money?
  • How will it reduce risk?

Demonstrate Economic Value

Time is something executives never feel they have enough of, so time- and labor-saving offers are powerfully persuasive. All businesses seek to increase profits, so predicating your offer on how you can help make that happen can also motivate CEOs. As captains of their corporate ships, executives must also be on the lookout for problems, so avoiding risk is a key concern, especially for those in industries that are typically risk-averse and conservative.

Note that one common motivator is not in that list: saving money. Executives get hundreds of emails a week with offers, many of which promise savings. Those messages may influence CFOs in charge of budgets, but they tend to get lost in the crowd when speaking to the people behind the big desk.

Appeal to Their Success

Whether it’s a small start-up or a Fortune 500 firm, the people who make it run are justifiably proud of its success.They’re invested in their business and may even identify with it personally, so approach business owners and company presidents with that in mind. Appeals to luxury, convenience or innovation mean more than offers that promise economy. Most executives want the best, not necessarily the cheapest, for themselves and their organization.

Finding and Connecting with Corporate Executives

The success of an organization rides on their staying informed, so executives actively pursue more knowledge.They attend conferences and webinars and subscribe to industry journals to get an edge over their competition. C-Level lists including ReachBase Corporate Management, Corporate Strategy News Newsletter List, Putman Media Corporate Management and SourceMedia C-Level Executives put these ultimate decision-makers within reach.

Corporate executives get bombarded with sales emails, but by acknowledging their previous success and offering to deliver more by saving them time, money or risk, yours is the offer that can make an impact.

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