How To Reach Construction Professionals


The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates more than 66,000 bridges throughout the country are due for maintenance. The millions of miles of roads that keep us connected need upkeep as well. The people who maintain the nation’s infrastructure have a great deal of work ahead of them, and Roads & Bridges magazine keeps them informed about a busy industry that’s set to grow significantly in years to come.

The engineers, private and public contractors, and government officials in charge of building and maintaining the nation’s road, rail, and bridge infrastructure play an essential role in virtually every aspect of modern life. Through Roads & Bridges, these subscribers gain access to the latest news affecting maintenance and construction, insightful editorials, in-depth articles, and product reviews.

You can connect your offer to the professionals who help keep the country moving with the Roads & Bridges Subscriber Business Mailing List. These key decision-makers are interested in and have purchasing authority for products and services relating to: paving Roads-and-Bridges-Magazinesstreets, roads, highways and airports, earthmoving, excavating, grading, bridge construction/maintenance; lighting and safety; striping; snow-and-ice control; roadside maintenance; utility; signage; asphalt production; and concrete production.

If there’s one word to describe the professionals who comprise this list, it might be “mobile.” From government officials to on-site supervisors, the people who oversee road and bridge maintenance are often on the move. They’re interested in offers that relate to travel, particularly for business. Frequent-traveler and corporate packages are especially relevant to them. Because many are government contractors, they typically track their travel expenses closely and are interested in software or mobile apps that simplify expense tracking while traveling.

The professionals who comprise the Roads & Bridges Subscriber Business Mailing List also invest in continuing education. They welcome invitations to seminars, webinars, and trade shows that teach them more about their growing industry. Hardware and software tools that help them do their jobs more efficiently are also areas of interest for them. This audience tends to be tech-savvy and also responds well to offers related to smartphones, phone plans, tablets, and other mobile technology.

Connect with the people who help keep the country moving and talk to us about the Roads & Bridges Subscriber Business Mailing List today.

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