How to Reach Accounting Professionals

Accounting professionals have great influence over their clients’ budgets, and they keep a close eye on their own buying decisions as well. Independent CPAs, CFOs and other professionals with an accounting background typically have significant discretionary income, but they’re rarely spendthrifts; they need cogent reasons to buy and plenty of information before they make their decisions.

Be Precise

Accountants are generally detail-oriented by nature, and their work hones that innate skill to a fine point. They’re precise when recording numbers in the general ledger and when looking up the finer points of tax law, and they seek the same kind of precision in the copy that guides their buying decisions. Quantify features and benefits whenever possible, and make key details about your product easily accessible.

Demonstrate Economic Value

Although they work with finances on a daily basis, accountants aren’t averse to spending, and they’re quite familiar with the concept of false economy. They look for a good price but not necessarily the lowest one; fair value for a worthwhile product is more important to them than drastic discounts. If you have them available, testimonials that include specific figures for how your product or service has performed for others are a strong motivator and a proof of value.


Make it Convenient

Accounting professionals tend to appreciate organization and respond well to copy that’s straightforward. By making your calls to action easy to answer, you increase the chances that busy accounting pros will respond right away. Cluttered forms, hidden click-through buttons and hyperbolic sales language that obscures factual details are likely to be viewed as spam. Instead, keep each campaign tightly focused, prioritizing convenience and directness over fluff in your copy and graphics.

Approach Affluent Markets

During economic downturns, CPAs and financial advisors have job security as their clients seek to protect their wealth. When financial forecasts are rosy, they enjoy business from newly affluent clients. While the general unemployment rate remains above 5 percent, it’s as low as 2 percent for personnel in financial services. Because the mean salary for accounting professionals is just north of $108,000 annually, many have discretionary income and are receptive to approaches that focus on quality and luxury.

Finding and Connecting with Accounting Professionals

Accountants receive scores of offers every week, so personalization and customization are essential to standing out from the crowd. High-value, focused response lists, including those from the SourceMedia Accounting Professionals Database, are an excellent way to reach accountants and advisors. With a database composed of subscribers to magazines such as Accounting Today, Practical Accountant and TaxPro Today, these lists are a direct connection to CPAs and other accounting professionals in the industry. These lists and other such as ReachBase Accounting Professionals and The Progressive Accountant are responsive to offers for continuing education, business travel, insurance, business services, subscriptions, training, hardware/software, office supplies, corporate gifts, educational webcasts, mobile plans and apps, and more.

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