How Do You Deal with Tweeter’s Block?

With only 140 characters in which to express yourself, it might seem easy to come up with a catchy tweet. Ask any content creator, though, and you’ll soon learn that while short may be sweet, it’s rarely simple. In this week’s infographic, you’ll get inspiration to get you and your social media team past a bout of tweeter’s block and back to creating retweetable, hashtaggable messages. From sharing statistics to showing your support, your Twitter account will be jumping after putting these tips into practice.


  1. Announce a new product or service
  2. Offer a special deal just for followers
  3. Pass on an interesting infographic
  4. Give retweet support for your customers and partners
  5. Share an interesting industry statistic
  6. Announce an event your company will be speaking at or attending
  7. Choose a quote that means something to you and relate it to your business
  8. Share your industry knowledge in quick tips
  9. Recommend a favorite article or book
  10. Talk about what’s happening at your trade show


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