How Automation Improves Customer Connections


Because marketing takes a personal touch, automating it wasn’t always possible. Customers aren’t cars, and building a campaign isn’t like riveting components into place on an assembly line. Marketing messages should feel as natural and personalized as a one-on-one conversation with customers; with marketing automation software, you’re able to have that conversation with any number of leads at the same time.

Here are some of the ways automation personalizes your communication with customers and helps you connect with them.

Email Marketing

Cost-effective and omnipresent, email is a primary channel for B2B marketers. No other channel gives you the ROI of email, and marketing automation is the ideal tool for increasing those returns dramatically. Autoresponse emails, triggered retargeting messages, and drip nurture campaigns that guide new prospects through your marketing pipeline are an innate part of a marketing automation system. Email service providers let you set up timed mail and autoresponses, but they lack the power of a full suite of marketing automation tools. An automated system lets your marketing team design a complete flow of communication for each segment of your audience, then analyzes the results to improve future campaigns.

Lead Scoring

To connect with your customers, you have to know who they are. Lead scoring systems reveal your customers’ habits and needs so you can discover new markets with similar needs. Scoring shows you your most engaged and sales-ready leads, but a marketing automation system also helps prepare leads who aren’t yet ready for your sales team with nurture programs. Demographic, firmographic, behavioral, and contextual scoring will also give you a deeper understanding of your market and help you serve existing customers better. The hand-off from marketing to sales is critical, and marketing automation ensures that this transfer happens seamlessly by synching lead scores to your CRM.

Landing Pages

A landing page is more than just a stop-over between an email and an order page. Targeted landing pages significantly increase conversions by talking directly to the person reading them – something you achieve only with automation. Serving up customized landing pages tells your audience that you’re listening to their specific needs. Marketing automation software uses information your prospect has already given you through anonymous browser cookies and uses that data to create a landing page that fits with that viewer’s demographic and behavioral profile.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Customers tend to tune out much of the information they take in online simply because there’s just so much of it. How do you cut through the white noise and send a clear, direct signal? Omni-channel marketing amplifies and unifies your message, letting you reach potential customers with the same coherent call to action via email, website banner ads, social media, and direct mail. Automation also lets you integrate traditional and digital media with ease, keeping all your data in a single place so feedback on each channel informs your marketing team’s choices on other channels too.
Automation in marketing is anything but impersonal. On the contrary, it helps your marketing team connect with your leads and customers more fully than ever.

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