Hello Again: The Best Ways to Re-Engage

re-targetingOnce you get your prospects’ interest, how do you keep it or capture it again if it flags? Re-engagement is a key part of any marketing strategy, letting you salvage potential customers who might otherwise have left your sales funnel without something engaging enough to draw them in again. Because re-engagement adds value to every part of a multi-channel marketing strategy, plan for it up front instead of waiting to see your campaign’s results.

When deciding how to reestablish contact and engage again with prospects who showed initial interest or were at the threshold of taking action but didn’t, look to these ways to connect via new marketing channels and with a different approach.

Direct Mail

Direct mail has authority and legitimacy, but it’s one of the costlier ways to reach out to your audience. For re-engagement campaigns, though, it’s an outstanding choice because your intended audience is already highly qualified and merits the greater investment of resources. With direct mail re-engagement campaigns, you can convert as much as an additional 30 percent of your prospects.


As with direct mail, telemarketing is an outstanding re-engagement tool because you’ve already done most of the heavy lifting to qualify your audience. Contacting visitors by phone once they’ve expressed previous interest can often be the deciding factor to choose you over a competitor or take the plunge today instead of waiting. Another bonus: Telemarketing also lets you gather valuable data about your prospects and how they view you.

Banner Ads

For leads and prospects who just aren’t familiar enough with your brand yet, targeted banner ads can build that familiarity and help convince them to take action. Banners and on-site ads also ensure you retain a good percentage of mind-share with prior visitors. It’s a subtle, inexpensive and effective way to remind them you’re still there for them when they’re ready to return.

Triggered Email

Email is a cornerstone of all digital marketing, and the re-targeting phase of your campaign is no exception. One element that makes email especially effective is triggering, setting up a condition that automatically sends an email when your prospect meets that condition. You might design triggered email to go out to shoppers who have items left in their e-commerce shopping carts as a gentle reminder to check out. Other potential triggers include time intervals, special dates and return visits to your site.


No matter which channel you use to reach and re-engage your prospects, personalize and customize your communications. Remember, you’ve already established a relationship with this person; you’re reintroducing yourself, not making a first impression, so go ahead and use a little of the data you’ve gathered from your past contact. Communicating a few additional details about what you’ve learned in previous interactions helps ease potential customers back into a comfortable relationship. When personalizing communications, remember that a little goes a long way. You don’t have to show every bit of knowledge you have on your prospect at once, and doing so could feel overwhelming.

Special Offers

One of the most appealing offers you can extend as part of a re-targeting strategy is a last-chance special. It’s inevitable that some prospects will leave your sales funnel, but with a final message to give them one last bite at the apple, you can often encourage a few to take the opportunity. Making a last-chance offer is especially effective for prospects who evinced some interest but were on the fence about whether to buy now or later. With these special offers, you tell your clients there is no later – at least not for this special.

Your marketing campaign is a marathon, and re-targeting gives it that second wind to carry it the last few difficult miles. Make the most of the effort you’ve already put in to reach the finish line by building solid re-targeting strategies in to every campaign you launch.

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