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The Brain that Orchestrates all Healthcare Marketing Decisions

The Brain that Orchestrates all Healthcare Marketing Decisions

Key Benefits of the Central Intelligence Database for Healthcare Marketers


Ability to segment audience and create highly targeted campaigns.

Patient Quality

Improve payer mix based upon intelligent targeting.

Single Source of Truth

Centralize and standardize data across disparate systems.

Results Measurement

Closed-loop, granular ROI measurement.


Easy to use, customizable, interactive reports for the

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Healthcare Data Warehouse

It isn’t enough to amass data about your patients and your prospects – you need a means by which to predictably reach out to people, sustain existing client relationships, and scale correspondence in order to avoid leakage and nurture relationships to the point of conversions (especially within service lines that have long cycles). Reach Marketing empowers our healthcare clients to achieve this by creating  a unified, centralized and fully integrated database across all marketing channels, such as events, newsletters, scheduling, billing, forms, health risk assessments, lists and more.

  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Data Integration across Disparate Sources
  • Marketing, Clinical, Financial, Scheduling Data
  • Data Mining and Segmentation

Healthcare – Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

Extract, transform, and load processes (ETL) draw existing data from multiple sources, perform necessary operations such as normalization and optimization on it, and load the processed data into a new warehouse or database. Our ETL database services include data migration to simplify platform upgrades, standardization to make sure all your valuable data is usable, de-duplication to eliminate redundant records, and validation to preserve your records from data decay.

  • Data Standardization
  • Duplicate Identification
  • Data Validation
  • Database Mapping

Data Unification/Single Source of Truth

How a healthcare organization brought all their data into a unified marketing database.

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Healthcare Business Intelligence

In the information age, knowledge is power. Business intelligence acts as a force multiplier for that power, allowing healthcare organizations to turn data into insight and insight into action in a predictable, reproducible manner. Through technology and data analytics, business intelligence allows hospitals and health systems to understand which patients and prospects are coming in for service and tie it to specific nurturing and personalization efforts.  Further, you can use this information to sustain existing relationships and avoid leakage to competitors, and predict how patients and prospects will interact with future correspondence based upon the insights they’ve gained from the reporting we enable.

  • Dashboards
  • Custom Reporting
  • Ideal Patient Profile
  • Modeling
  • Granular ROI Measurement

Build your ideal healthcare marketing ecosystem.

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Build your ideal healthcare marketing ecosystem.

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