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Traffic, weather, the stock market – a lot of things affect us more than we affect them. We may not be able to control everything in our real lives, but in our virtual lives, we’re the center of our own data universes.

The user experience is essential to earning customers’ trust, and companies that offer the best experience will win buyers’ business over those that expect customers to adapt to them. Personalization and customization rule the market. With marketing automation technology and data enhancement, you learn enough about your leads to help them build that custom universe and personalize every aspect of it.

Get Your Facts Straight

Think of your leads’ email in-box as a crowded room; they ignore the hum of conversation around them, but when they hear their own names in the din, they instantly pay attention. One of the worst mistakes a business can make is using invalid data for personalization. Use incorrect names for your prospects, and you’ve all but guaranteed they will tune you out. Make sure your essential data is correct with data enhancement that adds detail and keeps information current.

Personalize on Multiple Channels

Customization in email marketing text is relatively easy: Personalize the subject line, put the right name after the greeting, and you’ve captured your lead’s attention. Without further customization, though, you could lose them just as easily. Multi-channel customization, including targeted landing pages, images in email, and even graphics on your home page create a personalized experience across channels. Responsive web design further customizes the experience for leads by showing them polished, well-designed pages on any device.

Adapt with Automation

Without marketing automation, timing can present a major challenge. How do you know when to offer deeper content? What is your next step in lead nurturing? When is it time to send a fully nurtured lead over to the sales team? Marketing automation answers these questions for you based on the behavioral cues leads give the system. With real-time A/B split testing, you and your marketing automation system also get immediate feedback on how your leads respond to personalized content.

Augment Your Data

What’s better than having a wealth of current data on your leads? Having enough predictive power to use that data to understand what your prospects will do next. A MARKETING AI® with an integrated CRM draws from historical customer data and individual prospects’ interactions to learn what your leads need to take the next step on their buying journey. Data enrichment also lets you add the personalized touches that keep your prospects engaged. If you know, for instance, that your prospect recently downloaded a spec sheet for a product, you can customize your next email with images of the latest in the product line.

You can’t make the sun shine on them or clear the traffic from their route, but you can earn leads’ trust and their business with personalization.

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