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It’s no secret that buyers are becoming more mobile, but not every business is able to keep up. While retailers are quick to keep pace with their customer base, B2B companies have historically been less agile. A longer sales cycle, less impulse spending, and a narrow but deep market has made it possible for them to adopt mobile-first marketing at a slower rate, but that window is closing. The B2B businesses that thrive are those that use database services to stay a step ahead of their highly mobile leads.

Gathering Data on Devices

Incoming data on how leads access your website, watch your webinars, or read your email marketing messages will give you a clearer picture of the way they interact with you. Over time, your database will include information on devices used; your database manager can then cross-reference that with other prospect and customer data to reveal important correlations that can then direct your marketing efforts.

You might find, for instance, that while purchasing personnel tend to access your site from desktop computers in the main office, plant managers are on the move and use their phones to read email. Using that knowledge, you can then customize your approach to each account and connect with them via the channels and content that’s most relevant for them.

Responsive Design

While being able to tailor your message is important, your marketing automation system can also make your content more versatile. Responsive web and email design are modular, displaying graphic and text elements in ways that make sense independent of screen size and platform. You can see responsive design in action on your own smartphone by turning the device from vertical to horizontal. A properly designed website will shift to display a complete, coherent image at either aspect ratio.

Combine responsive design on broader marketing campaigns with more platform-specific messages to individual leads whose browsing and email habits you know to create a highly relevant, customized marketing relationship with your leads.

Quicker Is (Usually) Better

Mobile users are goal-oriented, and they want answers quickly. To reach them in the moment, you need a robust knowledge base they can access instantly. Make your FAQ, spec sheets, and other parts of your website that your leads use as references easy to bookmark and use on a mobile device. Internal links, pull-down menus, and auto-fill forms are conveniences your mobile-friendly leads will appreciate. Your analytics will tell you more about how users interact with your content and help you streamline your content for mobile use.

Make It Seamless

Even your mobile-first leads may not be mobile-only. How simple is it for them to go from one device to another – opening email on a phone first and clicking through later on a laptop, for example? It’s important for customers to have a seamless user experience, but it also makes a big difference for data integrity. Your marketing automation system recognizes activity from a single lead and tracks behavioral data from this lead accordingly.

Linking your mobile marketing development with your centralized marketing automation database lets you keep pace with your audience no matter how quickly they move.

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