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It’s as true in business as it is in kindergarten: Unless you’re the only kid in the class, you’re going to be subject to the occasional popularity contest. Every new lead who runs across your brand is making a snap judgment, and they’ll only sit at your table if you meet a few important standards. Here’s how to be cool enough to share your lunch without trying too hard, getting off on the wrong foot, or scaring them off.

Make a Name

Before leads can buy into your brand, they first need to know who you are. Having a consistent look and feel for your brand is fundamental to creating a lasting impression. That’s easier if you have few competitors – the only Wilhelmina in the class will be remembered more easily than one of half a dozen Emmas – but even if you’re a sole source, you want consistency on all channels. Marketing automation coordinates multi-channel programs with ease so your brand earns instant recognition no matter where prospects encounter your name and logo.

Minimize Risk

Brands matter in part because they’re proof of quality. As leads become familiar with you, they learn how you’re going to help them solve their specific problems. Authoritative content that establishes your brand as a trusted source of knowledge helps them feel comfortable with you, and as they become more comfortable, leads are likely to seek out even more content. Your blog, e-newsletter, and white paper library are essential resources for your leads. With authoritative content that demonstrates your industry knowledge, you’re the smart kid whose notes everyone wants to borrow before the big test.

Excel at Something

Whatever you do best, make absolutely sure your leads know what it is. We’re good at a lot of things, but we’re fantastic at developing custom marketing automation solutions – and we aren’t shy about telling you so. Focusing your marketing efforts on the defining elements of your brand sets you apart from generalist competitors who do many things adequately but never truly captivate their leads by being excellent at anything in particular. Your leads are gearing up to invest a great deal of time and energy in a buying journey; they need to know you’ve marked the best route clearly.

Make Leads Better

If you’re lucky, you still stay in touch with that childhood friend who could always manage to lift you up when you were having a bad day or share in your happiest occasions. That friend shaped who you are today. Branding is an opportunity to be part of a customer’s professional life and make it better. B2B businesses often get lost in the details of revamping a logo or overhauling a website but never dig deeper into what they can do to become a brand leads want to invest in. Becoming a trusted brand means getting close enough to them to make a marked and possibly even profound difference in their success. Make life better for your leads, and they’ll not only stay with you but become your best brand ambassadors.

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