Killer Creative Evaluation Scorecard


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Does your email creative generate interest? Does it demonstrate value?


Does your email creative have a strong offer such as a new product launch, sale, loyalty program, free trial or special discount?


Does your email creative have a strong sense of urgency with an incentive to respond immediately?


Do you have a pre-header and does it apply the IOU principles?

Image To Text Ratio

Does your email creative have a 3 to 1 text ratio and do your images reflect the content?

Above Fold

Are the first 5 inches of your email creative taking advantage of this prime real estate?

Call To Action

Is your email creative’s call to action effective?


Does your email creative layout reflect your branding?


Open rates and click rates only tell part of the story.


Is your email messaging deliberate, concise and clear, creating trust between your company and your audience?

Responsive Design

Is your email creative responsive for tablet and mobile devices?