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As restrictions begin to ease and our nation gradually transitions to a post COVID-19 world, how do you plan to address the pent up patient demand and messaging moving forward?

Patients are now hyper-focused on messaging, stability and accuracy before planning their elective procedures. Make sure you are ahead of the curve and join us during our 7 Keys to Successful Post-COVID-19 Healthcare Marketing webinar.

The 7 keys to successful Post-COVID-19 healthcare marketing:

1. Community Outreach – Inform community of facility status, updates, and current events

2. Market Segmentation – Achieve demographic and socioeconomic targeting through personalized messaging.

3. Intent-Based Segmentation – Send the most relevant content created from audience scoring customization

4. Brand Integrity – Improve and maintain data quality and accuracy

5. Single Source of Truth – Deliver the right message and service to the right audience at the right time

6. Marketing Ecosystem – Integrate platforms to create the ability to communicate across multiple channels

7. Results Measurement – Ensure you and your team are getting credit for your hard work

Attend this webinar and learn about the marketing strategies you need to implement to move beyond COVID-19 and be ready for the challenges ahead.

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