Focus: SC Magazine Subscribers Mailing List

sccovers1Security technology-based careers are booming and part of that burgeoning growth comes from technology used in the workplace. As mobile devices and Big Data become increasingly central to how businesses run, the need for better security grows too.

SC Magazine fills that need by giving IT directors, CIOs, CISOs and data security specialists the knowledge and insight that let them excel at their work. The SC Magazine Subscribers Mailing List consists of nearly 250,000 IT professionals and information security specialists.

Data security is especially important for industries that handle sensitive information, such as finance, education and health care. In addition to maintaining standard network security, IT specialists in these fields need to understand legislative requirements outlined in HIPAA and GBLA. These pros subscribe to SC Magazine to gain insight into the latest security measures and compliance standards, but their thirst for knowledge doesn’t end there. Offer these list members opportunities to gain certification or further education and you speak to their core concerns.

People who have made a career in technology and IT security have an avid interest in tech during their off hours too. These CIOs and IT consultants tend to be early adopters of new software, mobile devices, hardware and apps. They’re readily receptive to offers pertaining to electronics for professional or personal use, including peripheral devices, productivity tools, subscription-based online media and games.

scmagvideographInformation technology pays well, and many of the subscribers on the SC Magazine list have considerable discretionary income. They look for ways to invest it, manage it and make it grow, so they respond to offers from financial advisers and tax preparers. Increasingly, mobile technology frees IT personnel from their offices – making them good candidates for business and leisure travel offers. Non-profit organizations may also strike a chord with this audience, particularly those involving education-based charitable giving.

Since 1989, the subscriber base for SC Magazine has included the tech industry’s most notable thought leaders. These influential technology specialists are shaping the IT security landscape now and in the future. For more information on the SC Magazine Subscribers Mailing List, please click here.

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