Focus: How to Reach Business Professionals

reachvideographWith close to 73 million postal addresses and 35 million emails, the ReachBase Business Masterfile is the epitome of big data. As the largest database in the industry, it gives marketers access to a vast range of professionals, from STEM fields to C-level executives, management to manufacturing, healthcare to hospitality.

The ReachBase multi-source masterfile comprises business professionals who have subscribed to publications, attended trade shows and conferences, purchased through direct mail and joined associations. For example, selecting for healthcare professionals might draw from subscribers to trade publications focused on the healthcare industry, healthcare conference and medical convention attendees, and healthcare directors who have purchased medical supplies and equipment through a catalog. Marketers can use a finer focus and narrow their segment scope even more, pinpointing groups within the larger segment such as registered nurses, directors of nursing, nursing assistants, or LPNs.

Segmentation and selectability is key to being relevant to an audience, and ReachBase allows marketers to choose from firmographic, demographic and behavioral categories. If you wanted to find RNs who earned within a specific income range and had a history of buying online, for example, you could. Other select options include sales volume, SIC code, location, number of employees and job function.

The 72,956,203 decision-makers who are part of the ReachBase Business Masterfile have interests and needs as diverse as their careers. One thing they have in common is an interest in personal and professional growth; offers of products and services geared to improving their productivity typically perform well. Increasingly, they’re also a tech-savvy population, so software and apps that offer a solution to their professional concerns also have their interest. Seminars, webinars and conferences that relate to their areas of expertise or let them expand their knowledge are popular too.

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