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financial_planningLeaders in business and personal finance have trusted Financial Planning magazine since its creation in 1970. Financial consultants, CPAs and investment advisors get the knowledge they need to manage their clients’ wealth from this highly respected magazine.

The Financial Planning Subscribers List gives marketers access to more than 248,000 powerful financial advisors, CFOs, CEOs and independent investors. The decision-makers who read Financial Planning not only control their own company finances, but also have significant influence over their clients’ financial decisions.

With its concentration on practice management, investing and client management, Financial Planning is the go-to source of independent advisors who need actionable ideas, information and strategies they can use immediately to manage their businesses, their investors and their investments. Because knowledge drives their industry, the prospects on this list are highly motivated to invest in further education. They respond well to offers related to furthering their knowledge through seminars, webinars, magazine subscriptions, e-books and other educational tools.

Smart money managers have a talent for growing their own wealth too, and the readers of Financial Planning magazine are receptive to offers of high-end items and luxury services. They want to make their success visible with home decor and office furnishings that fit the image of successful financial advisors. Whether they travel for business or pleasure, the executives and consultants who make up this list look for luxury as well as value. As busy professionals, they also welcome state-of-the-art technology that keeps them connected in and out of the office, including mobile devices, smartphones and apps.

Successful financial planners earn their status by being smart with their investments, and with nearly a quarter of a million subscribers on the list, offers that present new investment opportunities can make an impact. Many Financial Planning subscribers also invest in the future with charitable giving, making this list a great asset for not-for-profit companies seeking supporters. Software systems that help busy advisors manage those investments and donations get their interest.

The Financial Planning Business List is BPA audited and updated quarterly to ensure outstanding list hygiene and high deliverability. Postal, email and phone numbers are available for multichannel campaigns. You can view more information about list rental here.

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