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With the Advertising Age Masterfile, you will gain access to some of the most influential and creative people in business today. Advertising executives, marketing professionals, digital content specialists and media directors have trusted Ad Age and its companion mastheads for nearly a century, and this database includes more than 430,000 of these media moguls. adagecovers1b

During its 85-year history, Advertising Age has gone from a trade publication for the ad industry to the premier news source for sales, marketing and advertising professionals on multiple digital and print channels. Ad Age’s parent company, Crain Communications, features a suite of digital and print publications under the Ad Age masthead, including and Creativity. As advertising moved into digital formats and expanded to include email, mobile marketing, content marketing and online marketplaces, Ad Age has helped its subscribers keep pace with technology. creativity

Being tech-savvy is an industry requirement now, and the subscribers who are part of the Ad Age Masterfile are always looking for a technological edge. They want to hear about the newest tech solutions for printing, distribution, data analysis and time management that can help them make the most of their busy days. Professionally, they value technology, but they also use the latest tech in their personal lives with smartphones, e-readers, tablets and other essentials for staying connected. Inspiration doesn’t always strike during business hours, so these creative professionals look for tools that help them communicate their ideas from brain to screen as quickly as possible.

Creativity comes from multiple sources, and the subscribers who comprise the Ad Age database are receptive to it in many forms. Museum memberships, invitations to gallery openings and other artistic pursuits have significant value to them. The raw materials that make creativity happen also interest many of the Ad Age Masterfile members, so products and services that support artistic endeavors find an interested audience. Sometimes, even the most creative thinkers need a nudge; productivity tools can give them the boost they need to come up with the next great campaign.

Art isn’t the only thing the Ad Age Masterfile members produce. Many of them are C-level executives and company owners who respond well to offers of products and services that help them steer the ship. Management tools, accounting software and computer equipment let them focus on running the business. They’re hungry for more relevant industry information and frequently subscribe to other content streams that keep them up to date. Continuing education opportunities, seminars and conferences also appeal to them.

Rewards come with success, and the industry leaders who comprise the Ad Age Masterfile are some of the most successful in the advertising and marketing sector. These influential professionals typically have ample incomes and welcome new experiences. Leisure travel offers spark their interest, especially for travel packages that take them off the beaten track. Luxury products and services also catch their attention.

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