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Through Reach Marketing, the EPIC B2B database connects with more than 3.2 million business owners and technicians via postal addresses and over 740,000 through email. The names on this list include engineers, telecommunications experts, IT and software developers, process automation specialists, aerospace workers, and more. The seminar attendee-based database is segmented to let users speak directly to the audiences that will find their message relevant, reaching buyers based on SIC code, geographical location, firm size, and other options.

The professionals who comprise the EPIC B2B database are hungry for knowledge. They’re voracious readers of technical and professional journals, industry newsletters, and reports. Because they want to learn about the latest technological advances or novel concepts, they are good candidates for magazine and journal subscriptions. Their history as past attendees of EPIC events and courses makes them probable attendees of similar events in the future; invitations to conventions, seminars, webinars, trade shows, and other profession-based events are especially relevant to them.

Most of the decision-makers on this database work with sophisticated technology on a regular basis; in many cases, they even develop it. They’re often just as keenly interested in technology in their personal lives and are typically early adopters of new tech. They’re receptive to offers that satisfy their appetite for the latest technology, whether it’s hardware, software, phone plans, or apps. New tech also offers them new possibilities at work, so productivity tools, industry-specific calculators, and utility apps appeal to this audience.

As the economy continues to strengthen, STEM-oriented fields are set to experience significant growth. The people who work in these highly technical sectors know the demand for their skills is strong. As they move up the career ladder, they tend to be high earners. Combined with their familiarity with technology, this makes them a potentially receptive audience for high-end home electronics, including computers, home theaters, and sound systems. Whether they travel for business or pleasure, they’re interested in information on luxury accommodations and frequent traveler perks.

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