Fast-Tracking Your Marketing Strategy with Email


Email isn’t just the fastest way to communicate with your audience. It’s also the quickest road to earning and tracking revenue in your marketing strategy. Cost-effective, quick to implement, and infinitely scalable, email is the cornerstone of online marketing for a reason. Here’s a closer look at how email has the power to deliver major returns on your investment and why it’s at the heart of a marketing automation program.

Rapid Growth

Businesses grow best when they have access to a wider audience, and even established businesses can enter an expansive new growth cycle when they have new markets to explore. With automation-assisted email marketing, those new audiences are as close and accessible as your marketer’s laptop. Expand your in-house mailing list with special offers and content-rich newsletters, or gain access to subscriber-based email lists from a list management company. Wherever you find them, new leads represent an influx of new business for you.

Lead Nurturing

Lead gen is the life-blood of any business, but in B2B sales, each lead has higher value. The lead life cycle in B2B is longer, and you may work for months to transition that lead from initial interest to a completed sale. How do you answer your prospects’ questions, keep them informed, and guide them closer to a buying decision during those months? With an email drip nurture program, you provide a steady flow of content tailored to your leads right to their in-boxes. Lead nurture programs thrive with automated email support. When a single lead represents thousands of dollars to your company, each lead deserves your marketing team’s attention. Email makes that undivided attention possible.

Cost Effectiveness

One of the reasons email marketing has undergone a meteoric rise in popularity is its ROI. The cost for entry is the lowest for any marketing channel, and its response rate more than justifies your marketing team’s efforts. While returns on email investments vary from industry to industry and business to business, responses from Marketing Sherpa suggest triple-digit returns are the norm. Just as important, the money you put into email marketing is easily trackable and quantifiable. By assigning a cost to each campaign and evaluating the results, your marketing automation team can trace the ROI of every dollar spent, revealing where your revenue growth happens and building on these successes with future campaigns.

Cutting Waste

Improving profitability takes effort from two directions. You need to increase overall sales volume and per-sale revenue, but you also need to eliminate wasted effort that lowers your ROI. Email marketing is inherently efficient, costing you nothing in postage and printing. The easiest way to cut waste is to create different segments by company size, industry, job function, and behavioral activities. Then you’re able to track the segment’s returns that justify your investment. When working with segmented mailing lists, you’re able to see at a glance where you should and shouldn’t concentrate your efforts.

Bump up the speed of your marketing program with the most cost-effective, trackable, and efficient marketing tool you have – email marketing.

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