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With the Engineering Strategy News list, you connect with the people who keep industry running – engineers. Subscribers to this monthly newsletter include established engineers and the up-and-coming leaders who will make up the next generation of influencers. Electrical, environmental, petrochemical, civil and software engineering specialists stay current with Engineering Strategy News; with this list, you’re able to keep up with them too.

With a subscriber base of more than 212,000 unique email addresses and 230,000 postal addresses, the Engineering Strategy News Subscriber List gives B2B companies access to a large and varied audience. Because engineering specialties are diverse, this list allows you to select segments that align closely with your message. Job function, job title and SIC codes help you choose the most receptive prospects and develop quality leads.

Few fields are as broad as engineering, yet engineering professionals share some common traits. Like most STEM fields, staying current is essential in engineering industries. Engineering Strategy News gives them insight into new facets of the engineering sector as a whole. From historical perspectives on engineering to the latest advice on how to cope with challenges in the modern workplace, the newsletter keeps rising stars in STEM fields, busy professionals and influential thought leaders informed. With access to the Engineering Strategy News list, you reach these professionals directly.

As a rule, engineers are a tech-savvy audience. Mobile devices and smartphones are essentials for any engineer who spends significant time on work-sites. Most engineers, regardless of their specialization, have an avid interest in consumer electronics; for some, that personal interest also extends to the professional realm, particularly for software engineers. Offers related to software, hardware and apps get a warm reception from this digitally sophisticated audience.


Intellectual curiosity has been a hallmark of engineers since Archimedes first yelled “Eureka” and jumped out of his bath. Anything that fuels this curiosity, including conferences, seminars, webinars, professional journals, certification courses, distance learning and on-campus classes, is likely to interest them. Engineers are particularly interested in learning experiences that intersect with their profession, but their inquisitive minds lead them to curiosity about a wide range of fields. Other science-related, technical and mathematical disciplines overlap with engineering fields, so offers pertaining to these areas of knowledge also interest engineers.

Some engineers travel frequently, particularly those working in environmental and petroleum-based specialties. They’re receptive to offers related to travel and accommodations, especially for places that are off the beaten path. Engineering professionals who travel regionally, such as water quality engineers and environmental scientists working in a particular area, often look for discount travel options and roadside assistance programs. Others travel internationally and seek offers pertaining to overseas trips. Foreign-language instruction also helps engineers who want to communicate with a global knowledge base.

Depending on their field and how long they have worked in it, engineering professionals may have significant discretionary income. Managing that wealth is something they often choose to hire other specialists to do, so offers pertaining to financial advice and CPA services resonate with them. Their love of technology extends to their leisure hours; computers optimized for gaming, game consoles and other tech-friendly entertainments tend to appeal to younger engineers and recent graduates.

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