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Most marketing plans these days include content marketing, but few companies know how to leverage their content as a new avenue for customer acquisition, a valuable tool for customer retention and a way to develop a stronger brand voice. Customized content can do all that and more, but only if it’s part of a cohesive, integrated marketing strategy. Your content should incorporate best SEO practices, engage your readers and develop a following while fitting into your overarching strategy.

It’s a tall order to fill if you’re taking time from your business to write your own content. With our custom e-newsletter program from Reach Marketing, you don’t have to.

Program Includes:

  • Monthly customized newsletter content optimized to contain natural search keywords specific to your market
  • Newsletter template
  • 5,000 – 35,000,000 targeted business prospects from our B2B Prospecting Database ReachBase
  • Copy post for your company blog. (We can also set up a word press blog for you if you don’t yet have a blog.)
  • Post to your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts (We can set up your social media communities if you don’t currently have anything in place.)

Program Benefits:

  • Gain the interest of qualified buyers
  • Establish your company as an industry authority
  • Create demand for your products and services
  • Gain viral, positive word-of-mouth advertising through forwarding
  • Achieve better search rankings