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Get the Most Out of Every Email You Send with Reach Marketing’s Retargeting Program

Generate Greater Online Sales

Retargeting your email message generates greater online sales by keeping your brand front and center and bringing prospects back to your site when they are ready to convert. This program allows you to serve your display ads to anyone who opens your emails as they click through to the Internet.

1. Reach adds a retargeting pixel to your message. open email retargeting
2. The retargeting pixel is activated when the email is opened. email retargeting open
3. Your email recipients see your ads as they browse the web. email retargeting browse
  • The ability to reinforce the message of your email campaigns
  • Create long-term brand influence and help your brand stay top of mind with potential customers
  • Lower acquisition costs and increase conversion
  • Understand how the different segments on your email list respond to display