Email Marketing Solutions That Produce Results

Email is the single most powerful marketing medium because it generates high response rates at a relatively low cost. Email marketing is immediate, can be tracked real time and remains the preferred method to communicate with professionals and consumers. Despite their benefits, email campaigns can fail to produce maximum results when not properly executed; strong performance depends on skill and expertise.

Reach Marketing has authored many white papers, webinars and published articles covering best practices and key attributes to successful email marketing. We deploy the IOU principles (generate Interest, provide a strong Offer, and deliver a sense of Urgency) with every marketing campaign to ensure that each marketing effort is optimized.

Our world-class email marketing solutions are supported by advanced technology. With decades of combined email expertise and marketing experience, our team can help you achieve maximum results to increase your ROI. Our services include:

  • Creative optimization
  • Email list selection and brokerage
  • Email transmission with 100% delivery
  • Response tracking
  • Dynamic offer population
  • Utilization of PURLs and personalization
  • Response attribution
  • Back-end analysis
  • HTMLs and forms
  • Opt-out collection and management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Integration of email with direct mail, social media, SEO and other channels
  • Email retention
  • Email list management

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