Email Marketing- What Are Some Factors that Trip Filters?

Spam filters use algorithms that flag certain hard-sell words and phrases as well as taking IP addresses into account. Known spam IP addresses are easy to filter, but the logic that parses subject lines is a bit fuzzier. Words such as “free,” “guarantee” and “hot” are weighted as spam; while that doesn’t mean you can never use them, they do start your subject line at a slight disadvantage. Lots of capital letters and exclamation points can also spark triggers, as does a heavy use of symbols. This causes your email to land straight in the recipients’ junk boxes instead of their inboxes.

If you get through to the recipient’s mail box, make sure your from line coordinates with the subject line in some way, especially if you’re sending mail to a new list. Recipients who see a matching subject and from line are far more likely to positively perceive your offer.

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