Email Marketing – The Call to Action

A strong call to action (CTA) is the most important component in any email marketing campaign. Every piece must include a highly visible CTA that is mentioned at least three times. A good CTA commands the reader to take a specific action and creates a sense of urgency. Above all, it must offer something valuable, whether it is unlimited access to an amazing product, digital download, discount pricing, or a free giveaway.

There are five critical components: Visibility, Verbiage, Direction, Immediacy, and, most importantly, Value.

Visibility—Make sure your CTAs are prominent in your campaign. In email messages, use both text and image-based CTA links to ensure they can be viewed regardless of image blockers. The location of your CTA should be in the top third of your e-mail so it can be viewed in most preview panes.

Direction—Tell readers exactly what to do, and direct them to a custom landing page that further controls their experience.

Verbiage—Be assertive and use verbs quickly and concisely to command an action. Avoid a passive voice.

Immediacy—Readers must feel a sense of urgency. They must sense that if they do not respond to your offer, they are going to miss out on a tremendous opportunity that may never come around again.

Value—Give prospects value, and they will give you their attention, and ultimately their business.


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