Email is one of the most important connections your prospects and customers have with you. It’s their most regular contact with you, so it has to send an emphatic and instantly recognizable message. Email templates make it easy to introduce yourself to new leads, launch omni-channel marketing campaigns, and correspond with customers in ways that build your brand identity. Here’s what’s special about our email templates and what they can do for your organization.

  • Using email templates frees you to focus on the creative concepts in your message. Instead of starting from scratch with every campaign, you build on prior successful email construction. Spend time on creative content, not on reinventing the wheel.

  • Your audience quickly learns to recognize your emails in a crowd and becomes familiar with your preferred format. They know where to look for important links and the latest news from you. When you make it easy for leads to find what they need at a glance, you enable them to take action.
  • With email templates, you already know what works. Eliminate invalid HTML, and images that don’t display properly by plugging content into your own custom template.
  • Responsive email templates create uniformity across platforms. Whether your leads open their email on a smartphone, a laptop, or their office computer, they see every element of your message in an optimized format.
  • Using templates makes A/B split testing easier by removing unnecessary variables. Because your email template stays the same across campaigns, testing shows you where you can increase the effectiveness of your message.
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