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There are many marketing activities that anyone can do, but as simple as it seems, email marketing is not one of them. Execution of a successful email marketing strategy is both an art and a science. Merely setting up your creative and hitting the send button won’t get it done anymore in this heavily filtered and cluttered marketplace.

In fact, most marketers don’t realize that their results are flat or declining because behind the scenes, their messages are being blocked or filtered out, never reaching their intended audience. That’s the science component of effective email marketing. We are email marketing experts and understand what measures have to be taken to get your messages to your intended audience.

Before, after and continuously throughout your campaigns, your dedicated email marketing expert performs invaluable services to ensure maximum results for every email campaign.


  • Monitor IP reputation score
  • Assess sending domains
  • Review distribution list for spam traps, moles, and screamers
  • Maintain clean distribution lines with ISPs


  • Set-up email campaign
  • Create text backup message
  • Assess email layout
  • Analyze email copy

We test your creative in over 70 email clients
to make sure your email renders in various email clients on desktop and mobile

  • Evaluate email links and landing pages
  • Test email functionality

  • Deploy Test email campaign deployment

  • Score email deliverability

  • Recommend improvements

  • Deploy final email message

We test your creative against spam filters
so you can identify and fix spam triggers before deploying your campaign.

We check to make sure your images and links are valid
and working and that your email is optimized


  • Produce live email results reporting
  • Review specific campaign results
  • Provide benchmark results
  • Analyze campaign for future recommendations

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