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Reach Marketing is an integrated marketing solutions company combining traditional marketing methods with cutting-edge technology. We are dedicated to helping our clients reach their target audience and grow their business. Reach Marketing is the only company that has brought together an inter-disciplinary team of IT, software development, marketing, audience development, database marketing, analytics, SEO/SMO and digital experts to drive the success of its clients. We are seeking an Email Deliverability Director to join our growing ranks of direct marketing professionals.

As an Email Deliverability Director, you will receive many benefits including:

  • Strong base
  • Comprehensive benefits package
  • 401(K) Plan
  • Advancement opportunities for outstanding performers
  • And Much More!

Job Summary:
This position will be responsible for email deliverability to our advertisers & potential renters to resolve deliverability challenges, effectively implement and manage required processes, implement new customer-facing practices, and interface with technical contacts at ISPs. Moreover, this person will be responsible with working with our internal technology team to identify and build-out required deliverability technologies.

Essential Functions:

  • Monitoring inbound data systems for bounce and complaint reporting variances.
  • Respond to inbound abuse complaints with suppression fulfillment or other actions.
  • Ensure and manage the process for all deployments to be in compliance with ISP AUP’s and applicable first and third party whitelist services.
  • Interface directly with technology personnel on necessary systems changes to comply with ISP, whitelist or accreditation AUP’s.
  • Researching and assistance with addressing delivery issues with ISPs, including tracking relevant listings with IP blacklists.
  • Creating custom analysis of deliverability-related data such as bounce reporting variances.
  • Maintain awareness and analysis of spam filter trends to guide organizational adoption and compliance.
  • Help trouble-shoot delivery problems with clients, operations, inbound support and engineering.
  • Tracking and reporting clients and specific campaigns that exceed certain messaging parameters
  • Recommend and participate in service/system enhancement projects.
  • Interface with ISP abuse desks and/or portals and other relevant entities on dispute resolution actions.
  • Manage tactical ISP relations: Whitelisting, Feedback loops, escalations, blocking, absorption, SPAM filtering
  • Investigate, diagnose and resolve deliverability and SPAM escalations

Specific Areas of Focus:

  • Support deliverability alerts/investigations
  • Track overall deliverability metrics and take appropriate action on emerging issues in addition to reporting general learnings
  • Audit of technical sending practices
  • Evaluate retry times, greylisting, concurrent connections, throughput, mail delays
  • Header components, HELO, list unsub header, any other recommended headers
  • Examine sending implementation to examine for potential deliverability risks
  • Improve/automate process for pushing new sending domains live: validate authentication, confirm fully qualified domain, validate all appropriate DNS parts
  • Monitor for new filtering technology/techniques at ISPs and provide periodic write-ups of industry landscape to team

Qualifications, Training, and Experience

  • Thorough understanding of email technology, prior experience in deliverability operations. Required experience with an ESP, ISP, or email authentication vendor
  • Experience with Message Systems and ReturnPath monitoring a plus
  • Demonstrated understanding of email, SMTP, MTAs, IP strategies, authentication technologies like DKIM or SPF, reputation strategies, data hygiene, privacy, opt policies, anti-spam policies
  • Ability to work with cross-functional teams
  • Strong project management and time management skills
  • Ability to identify and implement process improvements
  • Strong interpersonal skills to lead ISPs, clients and internal team members
  • Strong problem-solving skills – diagnosis, root-cause assessment, option evaluation and resolution
  • Ability to communicate clearly and strategically with clients, team members, and the marketplace
  • Ability to manage time and resources and prioritize projects in a rapidly changing environment
  • Undergraduate degree is required; graduate degree in either a technical discipline or business administration is a plus
  • Minimum 3 years of E-mail deliverability management experience in high volume email environment
  • Self-motivated and self-directed

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To recruiters: Reach Marketing does not accept resumes from recruitment agencies.

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