How do you know you’re not sending multiple messages to the same individual? Removing and consolidating duplicate records is a crucial first step to connecting with your customers. Duplicate identification and merge/purge processes take heavy-duty computing power, but technology alone is not enough. Successful deduplication also requires experienced database management skills to optimize the process.

Initial Matching

You can learn a lot from initials, and our algorithms recognize files with university initials, middle initials, and other details as potentially identical records.

Phonetic Matching

Older marketing software can’t always tell when words and names that sound alike are different, but more sophisticated marketing automation platforms can differentiate Gene from Jean.

Fuzzy Matching

Typos and transpositions can cause duplication errors, but fuzzy matching algorithms find them.

Nickname Lexicons

Names that generate multiple nicknames sometimes create additional records. Our merge/purge process finds these files and consolidates them when they’re referring to the same lead.

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