Doing More with Data Append

doing more with data append

You know before setting foot in a car dealership that some models have deluxe features. When ordering a pizza, you might opt for the veggie version or the meat-lover’s combo over plain cheese. Data also becomes more valuable and desirable with all the frills. Thanks to data append services, just as you order a pizza with everything or extra features for your new car, you can now order deluxe data.

Filling in the Blanks

Data append takes some of your known information, such as an email address or a phone number, and associates it with other data collected from elsewhere to give you more complete prospect records. Let’s say you have a company name, contact name, and email address associated with a new lead.

With append services, you can also discover phone numbers, demographic details, and buying histories that present a more well-rounded picture of your prospect. Filling in customer and prospect records lets you gain insight into your leads and connect with them through other channels.

Where Appended Data Comes From

Wherever your leads go, they leave footprints, many of them digital. The U.S. Postal Service’s National Change of Address (NCOALinkTM) database is an excellent example of a large and rigorously maintained source for data append services. Marketing databases used for verification and data enhancement can be useful tools for data append. Other sources include magazine subscription rolls, service records, trade show attendees, and third-party lists acquired through a list management company.

What Makes Data Append Appealing

Let’s go back to that pizza we mentioned earlier. You could make it at home if you’re willing to buy the yeast, knead the dough, proof it, stretch it, and top it with items from half a dozen different gourmet stores and delis. It’s much easier, though, to have someone do the work for you – a data append service. Some data isn’t readily available and is only shared with those who have a license to access it; other information is accessible only through proprietary lists. Data enhancement puts it all at your disposal.

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