Target your ideal audience through our Display Advertising Network, and your brand will generate essential impressions everywhere your prospects look. Narrow-casting your digital advertising to those leads who will find it most relevant increases response rates, lowers unnecessary expenses and gives you deep insight into what motivates your prospects to buy.

Our extensive network allows your ads to become the signposts prospects follow during their buying journey, pointing the way back to you no matter where they roam on the internet. Banner and menu ads make an impact when they’re served to leads who are actively seeking solutions. With our Display Advertising Network, you’ll establish mindshare, increase recall, and drive conversions by reaching the right buyers at the right time with the right message.

How Does the Creative Work?

We can use your existing display ad, or our design team can create one from scratch. Monitor your campaign across all inventory and analyze your campaign performance. Then drive more ads to the higher performing networks.

Standard Ad Display
  • Javascript/HTML tags; Image + Click URL (.png, .jpg, .gif); Flash File and Click URL
  • Javascript tags must accept third-party click macros – Initial Load size must be 40kb or less
  • Auto-Initiated Audio or Video Play are not allowed
  • Flash files must use standard click variable name ?clickTAG?
  • No expandable banners, all rich media must be in-banner

Required: 728×90 pixels, 16×600 pixels and 300×250 pixels. Optional: 300×600, 320×50

Mobile Web / Mobile App – Javascript / HTML or Image and Click URL
Required: 320×50
Optional: 300×50, 320×480, 768×1024 300×250, 728×90

Option 1: 3rd Party Served
VAST tag that includes these formats: MP4, FLV and WEBM

Option 2: Hosted
Format: MOV or MP4
Video Length: 15 or 30 seconds, 15 seconds for YouTube
Codec: H.264
Bit Rate: 1 MB
Frames/sec: 24-25 or 29-30
Aspect Ratio:Native aspect without letterboxing (4:3, 16:9)
Resolution: 640×360 or 480×360
Audio Codec: MP3 or AAC
Click-through: URL or redirect for video


Our analytics provide you with the actionable insights necessary to optimize the results of your campaigns. We utilize cutting-edge predictive scoring that identifies which networks and prospects are most likely to convert on your offer in real-time to give you the greatest return on your investment.

How Do I Get Started?

This part is easy. We handle everything from start to finish. You send us your customer list and we’ll match it up against our cookie and IP pool. This precise match allows us to link a digital id to your customers as well as create your ideal prospects by cloning your existing customers.

Now, for a special limited-time offer, you can display advertising through our Targeted Digital Advertising program or our Integrated Marketing program for as little as $2,500.

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