Our outbound marketing platform quickly and safely brings data online from our outreach platform, encouraging leads to engage with your content and get folded into your customer database. We describe the process in three steps: Onboard, Engage, Infuse.

Onboard phase

In this phase, records are introduced to our hosted platform, then processed, unduplicated, fully cleansed and validated. The records that survive this validation phase are then prepared for scheduled communications from your brand.

Engage phase

In this phase, records are communicated with on a regular scheduled basis to solicit engagement. Once records engage, they are transferred into client’s database for regular communications. Records are continuously communicated with until they engage.

Infuse phase

In this phase, records are dynamically added into your customer database. During record transfer, each record contains full contact and firmographic information as well as content flags to identify programs that drove the engagement.

“Reach Marketing has been an invaluable database and audience development partner.  They have facilitated significant growth within our database and provided indispensable strategic support throughout the entire process.  We have experienced 7x return on every dollar spent through the proprietary audience database that Reach built.  We look forward to improving upon these successes in the upcoming years.”

James Karklins, Vice President Regional Marketing / Database Marketing, Gartner

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