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All databases are not created equal. The most important factor when reviewing data sources are the quality of data, depth of the data elements and accuracy of the hygiene process. Reach Marketing is unsurpassed in this area, particularly with ReachBase, the preeminent multi-sourced B2B database.

The key differentiator between ReachBase and any other data provider is that our data are part of an active database that was given permissions to receive third-party offers. Every contact in ReachBase is actively engaged with third-party offers on a daily basis to ensure the highest level of accuracy and responsiveness.

Why Data Licensing Matters

Licensing this dynamic database enables you to:

  • Significantly reduce your cost to acquire new customers
  • Possess a larger piece of your target market
  • Reduce file processing tasks
  • Cut merge/purge expenses
  • Economize with a single-source provider for unique data
  • Make abundant contacts across key demographic segments
  • Work with a stellar account team that can handle every aspect of your correspondence
  • Set up regular invoicing schedules for complete convenience

Our licensing programs offer:

One Year of Unlimited Use
Data Enhancement
New Prospects at Customer Sites
New Prospects within Prime Companies