Data-Driven Content Marketing: Who’s Reading Your Content? – Part 2

Data-Driven Content Marketing: Who’s Reading Your Content? - Part 2

Last week, we looked at how art and science come together in data-driven content marketing. Today, we’ll look at the people who consume that content and what you can learn about them by analyzing the way they interact with your brand. Database services do more than collect and retrieve information; they’re a vital part of understanding your audience, and content is the key that unlocks these insights.

Marketing automation technology uses powerful relational databases to draw meaningful connections between data sets. Content engagement metrics, for example, are the foundation for predictive analyses of how audiences react to content topics, media, and delivery. Using this derived data as a baseline, you then gain knowledge about what future leads will want to see and how you can deliver more of the information they’re after. Providing more engaging content then leads to more and better data on your prospects, who are far more likely to share information about themselves in exchange for high-value content.

Data has value. It’s a form of digital currency that converts into revenue over time; by collecting more customer data, you increase your lead volume and improve the chances that each individual lead will successfully traverse your sales funnel and result in a sale. Given how important it is, any strategy that gives you more data is a winning one.

Content is an outstanding data generator, particularly gated content that requires leads to provide information before accessing it. Progressive forms are an outstanding way of improving your lead knowledge without setting the barriers to entry too high; with it, you collect more information with each subsequent visit and download, creating an ever more detailed picture of your most engaged leads.

Understanding who’s engaging with your content goes beyond using content as an incentive to share contact information. Every industry has its trailblazers and influential thinkers; content gives these thought leaders something to think about, and they then share their thoughts with followers.

Watching how your influencers interact with and share content is another way in which content and data-driven marketing are inextricably linked. With database marketing and analytics, you identify your influencers and spot who’s most engaged so you can write to that audience and know you’re having an impact on those who follow their lead.

Database management that puts your content marketing strategy into a larger context transforms it into a powerful tool for customer knowledge.

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