We’ve become a nation of checkers. From our phones to our social media feeds to our email in-boxes, we’re always looking for a new piece of information. With good design and customization, your sales and marketing dashboard can contain the most important to-the-minute information you get all day. It offers you a comprehensive overview of your KPIs at a glance. Customization lets you prioritize so you always see the most essential data first.

Dashboard Reports 2017

Here’s what else a dashboard gives you:

Instant Gratification

Dashboards can update in real time, giving you the freshest possible reporting on your data. With a live snapshot of your latest campaign’s open rates, confirmations, or conversions, you learn exactly how you’re performing.

Free Time

Instead of printing out miles of spreadsheets and searching for data in them, visit your dashboard. Our customization options let you see the KPIs you want to monitor at a glance or leave the dashboard up in the background, freeing you to focus on other tasks.

Progress Benchmarks

Once you’ve launched a campaign, how do you know if it’s working? Defining a yardstick for success and measuring improvement against it is an essential part of effective revenue marketing.

Positive Feedback

When your team sees real results in real time, they’re motivated to step up their performance.

Measurable Results

Board members and investors love dashboards too. Support your successes with real data at your next shareholders’ meeting.

Tailor-Made Reports

We’ll customize dashboards for different departments, different teams, or even different users.

Visual Interest

Graphs and charts tell stories in a far more compelling and concise way than a thick sheaf of reports.

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