Creating Irresistible Lead Magnets

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Lead magnets, those enticing offers that get prospects to stop and take notice of you, are more important than ever in an increasingly crowded marketplace. With the right magnet to pull prospects your way, you shut out your competitors and get a chance to make your unique case to your leads, earning you a few precious seconds to speak to them directly.

The concept of lead magnets isn’t new, but the implementation is. You might remember those AOL free trial disks that were everywhere in the ‘90s. They were so ubiquitous that people used them for craft projects or Christmas tree decorations. Why not? There would always be more. That outlook is why they’re now a collectible item, but who wants a product with the company name to be disposable?

Modern lead magnets are anything but general. They’re made to be relevant to the people receiving them. Let’s look at what makes a lead magnet so magnetic.

“Free” Is a Lead’s Favorite Word

Whether it’s a sample in the supermarket or a freeware version of the latest app, a taste of a product always generates interest. For many B2B companies offering services, that comes in the form of a free assessment or one-time trial. Unlike those AOL disks, though, offers should be aimed squarely at leads’ pain points, which takes a bit of knowledge on your part. Discover details about your prospects and offer them a sample that matters to them. Free assessments are a particularly strong draw because they give you a chance to know precisely where your leads need the most help.


If a free trial is exciting, a free trial with an upgrade you is virtually irresistible. For new leads, that might mean combining a trial offer with a limited-time upgrade to sweeten the deal. Giving loyal customers VIP access to a new product or upgrade before it’s available to anyone else can be a strong incentive to buy in again. So can a discount for or a free trial of an upgraded version of products or services they already get from you. Apps that feature upgrades to premium access are excellent lead magnets.

Gated Content

For leads who are in the middle of the sales funnel, content can be a powerful magnet, especially if it’s well targeted. Specific knowledge gaps need specific solutions to fill them, so building up a content library to suit a wide range of leads’ needs is a must. The key to magnetic content is making it valuable enough to your leads to make your request for their information feel light by comparison. If they’re filling out an eight-line form for a one-page article, they’re likely to pass. Give them access to a targeted white paper that shows them how to relieve a specific pain point, and you’ll get significant interest.

Direct Mail

Even in the digital age, leads still like to get something they can touch. Including a promotional offer or item in the envelope can make a mailing feel like an unexpected gift. Another advantage of direct mail is its specificity, especially with new printing techniques and automation-assisted data discovery that let you customize mailings. Because direct mail is more of an investment than email or a landing page, make sure you’re working with clean lists and updated information.

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