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The researchers and designers in charge of developing, maintaining, and improving automated processes affect almost every aspect of industry. Whether they work with processing textiles, plastics, petroleum, food, metals, or more, these professionals are in the business of transformation. To do their work efficiently, they rely on the wealth of industry knowledge and information they get from Putman Media’s Control Magazine. The Control Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List opens communication with the engineers, plant operations managers, researchers, and manufacturing business owners in charge of developing and streamlining these automated processes.

Control Magazine reaches thousands of key personnel in process automation with articles on the latest technology, insight into plant safety, product reviews, and informed editorials.Controljuly The magazine’s subscribers are top-level decision makers whose recommendations are responsible for shaping the course of their organizations’ futures. The Control Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List from Reach Marketing contains 60,000 postal addresses, 56,400 phone numbers, and 46,000 email addresses for these influential manufacturing and automated process professionals.

Members of the Control Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List tend to be methodical, goal-oriented thinkers who look for ways to simplify, improve, and streamline processes both professionally and personally. They place a premium on efficiency and are a good match for offers involving productivity software, organizatiocontroljunenal tools, and apps that promise greater efficiency of everything from booking hotel rooms to buying groceries. When marketing to these logical thinkers, give them plenty of knowledge about product features as well as benefits so they can make well-informed decisions.

Subscribers to Control Magazine hold positions of importance within their organizations and are well compensated for their skill and ingenuity. They’re frequent business travelers too, often making trips to conferences and trade shows. Offers related to business and leisure travel get their controlaugattention, and they’re typically willing to spend a bit more for luxury or tech-friendly accommodations.

Process automation is a technology-heavy industry, and the professionals on the Control Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List are comfortable with tech in their personal lives too. Computer software, hardware, and peripherals aren’t just business for them, and they pay close attention to the latest consumer electronics. Smartphones, new phone plans, and state-of-the-art laptops they can take to their next trade show appeal to them.

To reach the professionals on the Control Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List, contact us at Reach Marketing today and learn how to get in touch with the automation process industry’s prime movers.

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