How Do You Deal with Tweeter’s Block?

With only 140 characters in which to express yourself, it might seem easy to come up with a catchy tweet. Ask any content creator, though, and you’ll soon learn that while short may be sweet, it’s rarely simple. In this week’s infographic, you’ll get inspiration to get you and your social media team past a bout of tweeter’s block and back to creating retweetable, hashtaggable messages. From sharing statistics to showing your support, your Twitter account will be jumping after putting these tips into practice. Continue reading

Grow Social Media in Your B2B Garden

Every company knows social media is valuable, but how do you keep your social media strategy garden-fresh? How important is it to your overall marketing plan? How much of a difference does it make to your bottom line? In this week’s infographic, you’ll learn why everything’s coming up roses for B2B companies that make full use of social media as part of their content creation and distribution plans. Discover how Twitter can double your traffic, how your audience perceives your social media presence, and why it’s just as important for B2B to focus on social media as it is for B2C companies. Continue reading

Finding Your Voice on Social Media

social_media_voiceWhether it was in high school, junior high or all the way back in kindergarten, most of us have wanted to sit at the cool kids’ table. To get there, we might have dressed or talked like the in crowd; maybe we even offered to share our snacks if it would buy us a seat. Social media has turned the Internet into a vast cafeteria, and too many businesses are still trying to earn their way to coolness by mimicking what other popular sites do, using cliches they’ve seen on other sites or borrowing images from memes that become outdated before they leave the art department’s desks. Continue reading

How to Use Hashtags for Business Marketing

hashtag_social_mediaEvery social media platform has its own organizational tools, but one of the most well-known is Twitter’s hashtag. The hashtag – that’s the thing people with land lines call a pound key, some people call a number sign and grammarians call an octothorp – looks like this: #. It precedes identifying words and lets Twitter users instantly check out other tweets with the same hashtag. Continue reading

The Social Circle: 5 Reasons You Should Be on Google Plus

reach_google_plus_social_marketingSocial media channels are only as good as their membership. That’s why Facebook and Twitter are the two biggest players in the industry; they’re widely used, highly visible and enjoy huge levels of brand recognition. These channels aren’t the only ones available, though, and wise businesses diversify their social media portfolio. Learn the lessons inherent in MySpace’s history and get in early on a social network that’s gaining traction. Continue reading

Social Media Marketing

Integrating Social Media Into Your Marketing Plan

In today’s digital world, it is vital to have an integrated multi-channel marketing campaign that includes creating and leveraging conversational and user-generated content. In a report published earlier this year, BIA/Kelsey estimates that by 2015, social media advertising revenues will reach $8.3 billion and that there will be a number of format developments beyond display which they expect to grow to $600 million.

Reach Marketing can help you leverage social media and other channels to generate leads, create a specialized community, strengthen your SEO, monitor your reputation and build your brand.

Our new media team can also assist you in:
  • Producing blogs
  • Creating videos for social release
  • Deploying your marketing messages in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social platforms
  • Monitoring social presence

Providing Social Media Marketing to the New York City Area since 1998.

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Before you can start a relationship with customers, you first have to meet them. That initial contact is all-important, which is why an effective customer acquisition strategy is the key to your success. Integrated marketing takes customer acquisition leagues beyond what any isolated campaign could do by linking acquisition strategies for a single unified message across all channels of communication.

Bringing together direct mail, email, digital and social media with a strong message is just one part of the process. Business intelligence is another key component. Without demographic and firmographic analysis to identify your best customers and help you find others like them, you would start from scratch with every campaign. Reach Marketing uses the art and science of leading-edge customer acquisition tactics to ensure the success of your business.

Our strategic team will evaluate your current process and develop a go-to-market strategy by:
  • Reviewing your most recent marketing strategy and mining it for data
  • Analyzing the data with market comparison algorithms that highlight new acquisition opportunities
  • Comparing results against largest set of data files in the industry to find the customers who best fit your current client base and future needs
  • Providing recommendations on how to best use that data through the various channels available

Because we customize every step of the process to your needs, you get highly specific solutions that translate into higher response rates and heightened engagement from your prospects. Our integrated approach ensures that your acquisition process is effective across a spectrum of channels.

Who are your customers? Why are they your customers? Where can you find them? What message produces the best results? How can you gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts? Discover your best customers and speak directly to them with comprehensive customer acquisition techniques that offer proven results.

Our customer acquisition services include:

Every day, we help marketers reach targeted business decision-makers.

Define your market, identify your strategic customers and initiate a conversation with new business leads and consumer leads through Reach Marketing.
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Integrated Marketing

Your marketing strategy should consist of a number of different channels to distribute your content/promotional offer. These diversified channels should include email, direct mail, websites, social media, print ads and video. Reach Marketing’s proven integrated marketing strategies turn those disparate channels into a single seamless campaign, delivering that message to your optimal audience.

How important is integrated marketing? Consider this: five years ago, social media was just beginning to make an impact. Today, it’s essential for finding new customers and communicating with your current customers. These vital avenues of communication are always changing, and you need a company that keeps up with changing technology and innovates strategies to benefit from these advancements. Integrated marketing also improves your brand recall when leveraged within each channel.

Think of your marketing campaign as pieces of a puzzle. We can put the pieces together for you, but we can also build around the pieces you already have in place. Customized a la carte marketing services fill in those missing pieces, giving you the specific expertise you need in one channel to reach the next stage and build a complete picture of success.

A comprehensive integrated marketing strategy is vital to the success of every business. From enterprise companies that want full-service integration across every available channel to smaller businesses that just need one piece of the puzzle to jump start or complete their marketing efforts, Reach Marketing has the right solution.


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