Infographic – In the Know about SEO

Search engine optimization has gone mainstream, but not all SEO efforts pay off. To see if your SEO is performing up to par, take a look at these key SEO facts and figures. Learn what the surprising second biggest search engine is, how much it matters to be the top listing on Google’s first page of results, and why you need to keep up with your blog. Continue reading

Infographic – Size Matters In Website Design

Like the smartphones and tablets people use to view them, websites, email and landing pages need to be lightweight to perform well. Mobile-first design fits how your audience does business, and websites that incorporate it enjoy increased sales. Boost audience engagement, cut the fluff and get your digital content into shape with this infographic that details how much size matters. Continue reading

13 Most Common B2B Content Marketing Tactics

According to a recent report by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, B2B marketers know it’s important to include more content in their marketing mix but find it a challenge to to produce a constant stream of relevant content. In today’s infographic, find out what the most common tactics are that B2B marketers are using for their content marketing. Continue reading

Unlocking Gated Content’s Potential with Email

lockIf your email marketing strategy is on track, you’re already giving your audience a steady stream of compelling content in your email and newsletters. If you’re really stepping it up, you’ve also added gated content to the mix. Like anything valuable, you aren’t giving away this content for free; you’re charging admission in the form of data. When interested visitors buy into your gated content with their information, make the most of it and watch your lead generation numbers soar. Continue reading

The Hidden Duplicate Content That Could Hurt Your Site’s Ranking

no-duplicate-contentEven if you aren’t well-versed in SEO, you’ve probably heard the cardinal rule of search engine optimization: Don’t post duplicate content. Google’s updates routinely penalize duplicate content, and rightly so. When you type in a search string, you don’t want a thousand versions of the same content; you want unique pages. Google and other search engines serve those unique pages by ruthlessly downranking duplicate content. Continue reading

Are You Making These Content Marketing Mistakes?

Search Engine OptimizationContent may be king in SEO, but without at least a few loyal subjects, the title is hollow. Many companies pursue content creation, but find low returns on the capital and time they invest. They either get too little traffic or a high bounce rate and conclude the problem is with the concept of content marketing, not with implementation. If you aren’t getting enough from your content, take a close look at these mistakes and see if they look familiar. Continue reading

How Google’s Panda 4.0 Update Could Change Your Content Strategy

search_engine_friendlyWhen the first Google Panda update went live in 2011, it altered the face of SEO dramatically in ways that are still playing out among content creators. Some of the largest content mills and aggregate sites faltered but came back strong; others have closed shop completely. For smaller and mid-sized businesses, Panda meant a sudden need for original, insightful content. Sites that didn’t heed the warnings and continued to post duplicated, poorly written, thin or keyword-stuffed content suffered severe penalties. Continue reading

The Case for Quality Content Creation

article_spinningHaving a company website is just the first step toward having a larger virtual presence. Those pages need content to fill them. Like any other commodity, content costs money, and you have options ranging from bargain-basement prices to top-of-the-line services. Your budget, expected traffic and company size shape your choices to a large extent, but it’s natural to look for the best bid on content services. For unwary site owners, though, choosing inexpensive copy options could be a false economy. Continue reading

Quick Guide to Site Optimization: The Top 8 SEO Essentials

With over 100 billion searches every month, SEO is your key to ranking 1st on those search results. With this white paper, you will learn the eight most important elements for building and maintaining a successful site that search engines notice. Be where your next customers can find you… ahead of your competitors.

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The Social Circle: 5 Reasons You Should Be on Google Plus

reach_google_plus_social_marketingSocial media channels are only as good as their membership. That’s why Facebook and Twitter are the two biggest players in the industry; they’re widely used, highly visible and enjoy huge levels of brand recognition. These channels aren’t the only ones available, though, and wise businesses diversify their social media portfolio. Learn the lessons inherent in MySpace’s history and get in early on a social network that’s gaining traction. Continue reading


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