ReachBase B2B Prospecting Database Offers a Satisfaction Guarantee


The ReachBase is the highest quality, multi-sourced, multichannel database available, with proven results in all market sectors. We are so confident that the ReachBase will work for your marketing offer that we are guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. Any order you place on ReachBase, regardless of channel or market, is guaranteed by Reach Marketing. If you are not completely satisfied with the results of your campaign, at your discretion, we will reduce or refund your list purchase amount within 30 days of mail date.

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Data Licensing

All databases are not created equal. The most important factor when reviewing data sources are the quality of data, depth of the data elements and accuracy of the hygiene process. Reach Marketing is unsurpassed in this area, particularly with ReachBase, the preeminent multi-sourced B2B database.

The key differentiator between ReachBase and any other data provider is that our data are part of an active database that was given permissions to receive third-party offers. Every contact in ReachBase is actively engaged with third-party offers on a daily basis to ensure the highest level of accuracy and responsiveness.

Why Data Licensing Matters

Licensing this dynamic database enables you to:

  • Significantly reduce your cost to acquire new customers
  • Possess a larger piece of your target market
  • Reduce file processing tasks
  • Cut merge/purge expenses
  • Economize with a single-source provider for unique data
  • Make abundant contacts across key demographic segments
  • Work with a stellar account team that can handle every aspect of your correspondence
  • Set up regular invoicing schedules for complete convenience

Our licensing programs offer:

One Year of Unlimited Use
Data Enhancement
New Prospects at Customer Sites
New Prospects within Prime Companies

B2B Prospecting Database


72,956,203 Postal Addresses | 53,746,321 Phone Numbers | 35,106,124 Emails
ReachBase Prospecting Database
Reach for success with the largest, most responsive multi-sourced, multi-channel prospecting database available on the market today! ReachBase encompasses all levels of professionals, including C-Level executives; technology professionals; financial executives; architects and contractors; engineers and scientists; sales and marketing managers; healthcare professionals; supervisors and middle management; and other key business professionals across all industries. The database spans a vast range of company profiles from small companies to large corporations.

ReachBase comprises ambitious decision-makers who rely on marketing offers to stay abreast of new products and services that grant them a competitive advantage, help them manage their business and improve efficiency. This dynamic database is sourced from a variety of lists that include mail order buyers, magazine and newsletter subscribers, book buyers, seminar and conference attendees, and association memberships. The ReachBase prospecting database is highly selectable by key business identifiers, including job function, job title, business/industry, number of employees, sales volume, multi-buyer, SIC code, geography and more.

The decision-makers on the ReachBase Business Prospecting Database are responsive to offers including hardware/software, training, subscription, seminar/webinar, office supplies, business services, credit card, financial services, mobile, surveys, electronic gadgets and more.

Visit the ReachBase website.

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ReachBase Business Masterfile

ReachBase Business Email Masterfile

Customer Profiling Through ReachBase

Profile your customer list to help find similar prospects and get the best response from your direct marketing campaigns. Find out more…

Data Licensing

Our data licensing programs offer one year unlimited use for direct marketing purposes. Find out more…

B2B Lead Generation


Before you can start a relationship with customers, you first have to meet them. That initial contact is all-important, which is why an effective customer acquisition strategy is the key to your success. Integrated marketing takes customer acquisition leagues beyond what any isolated campaign could do by linking acquisition strategies for a single unified message across all channels of communication.

Bringing together direct mail, email, digital and social media with a strong message is just one part of the process. Business intelligence is another key component. Without demographic and firmographic analysis to identify your best customers and help you find others like them, you would start from scratch with every campaign. Reach Marketing uses the art and science of leading-edge customer acquisition tactics to ensure the success of your business.

Our strategic team will evaluate your current process and develop a go-to-market strategy by:
  • Reviewing your most recent marketing strategy and mining it for data
  • Analyzing the data with market comparison algorithms that highlight new acquisition opportunities
  • Comparing results against largest set of data files in the industry to find the customers who best fit your current client base and future needs
  • Providing recommendations on how to best use that data through the various channels available

Because we customize every step of the process to your needs, you get highly specific solutions that translate into higher response rates and heightened engagement from your prospects. Our integrated approach ensures that your acquisition process is effective across a spectrum of channels.

Who are your customers? Why are they your customers? Where can you find them? What message produces the best results? How can you gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts? Discover your best customers and speak directly to them with comprehensive customer acquisition techniques that offer proven results.

Our customer acquisition services include:

Every day, we help marketers reach targeted business decision-makers.

Define your market, identify your strategic customers and initiate a conversation with new business leads and consumer leads through Reach Marketing.
Search for sales leads, call us today, or live chat with us to get started.

Integrated Marketing

Your marketing strategy should consist of a number of different channels to distribute your content/promotional offer. These diversified channels should include email, direct mail, websites, social media, print ads and video. Reach Marketing’s proven integrated marketing strategies turn those disparate channels into a single seamless campaign, delivering that message to your optimal audience.

How important is integrated marketing? Consider this: five years ago, social media was just beginning to make an impact. Today, it’s essential for finding new customers and communicating with your current customers. These vital avenues of communication are always changing, and you need a company that keeps up with changing technology and innovates strategies to benefit from these advancements. Integrated marketing also improves your brand recall when leveraged within each channel.

Think of your marketing campaign as pieces of a puzzle. We can put the pieces together for you, but we can also build around the pieces you already have in place. Customized a la carte marketing services fill in those missing pieces, giving you the specific expertise you need in one channel to reach the next stage and build a complete picture of success.

A comprehensive integrated marketing strategy is vital to the success of every business. From enterprise companies that want full-service integration across every available channel to smaller businesses that just need one piece of the puzzle to jump start or complete their marketing efforts, Reach Marketing has the right solution.


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