Why Does Clickbait Work? These Reasons Will Astound You

content for lead generation

You know you don’t actually need that “weird old tip” for weight loss, but there’s still something compelling about certain images and phrases. They’re clickbait, expressly designed as lead gen catnip. Clickbait isn’t a bad thing by itself; as with any powerful tool, it’s how you use it that determines its worth. Used wisely, these principles of clickbait serve a useful purpose for you and your audience. Continue reading

Reach Decision-Makers in the Hospitality Sector

Hospitality Technology

Despite the hospitality sector’s focus on personal interactions and building relationships with customers, technology still plays an important role for leaders in the industry. From automating routine management tasks to using advanced kitchen equipment to delight diners with novel dishes, technology has an important place in hospitality. Reach Marketing brings you the Hospitality Technology Subscriber Business Mailing List to connect you with leaders in the hospitality sector. Continue reading

5 Reasons Marketing Automation Is a Must


The good news is that implementing automation technology is easier than ever, thanks to more options for data migration and marketing automation consultants who know how to get the most from your new system. The better news is that you’re still not too late to gain an edge over the competition by stepping up to automation today. To update an old proverb, the best time to adopt marketing automation was two years ago; the second best time is today. Continue reading

Making Room for Marketing Automation

marketing automation

How big a footprint does your marketing automation software leave? We don’t mean its physical presence, which is probably small enough to fit in the palm of your hand; we’re talking about the amount of time and space you devote to a full implementation, not just the raw installation. When you account for data migration, training time, practice, and on-boarding, it could take more space in your workplace than you think. Continue reading

Creating Irresistible Lead Magnets

lead magnet

Lead magnets, those enticing offers that get prospects to stop and take notice of you, are more important than ever in an increasingly crowded marketplace. With the right magnet to pull prospects your way, you shut out your competitors and get a chance to make your unique case to your leads, earning you a few precious seconds to speak to them directly. Continue reading

Are You Getting Customization Right?

Customized marketing messages are far more than just getting the right name on the email greeting. Leads now expect a seamless user experience designed around them, yet a minority of marketers feel they’re able to deliver on that promise. Personalizing a customer experience starts with getting the data you need to customize interactions, so let’s look at the role data enhancement plays in tailoring experiences to your users. Continue reading

Gathering Better (Not Just Bigger) Data

quality data

How much of your data is accurate, normalized, and instantly available to you? If you’re like most B2B companies, you could be mistaking quantities of data for quality data. According to a 2016 Experian poll of B2B organizations, nearly 75 percent of marketers were not fully confident in the accuracy and accessibility of their information. The problem wasn’t a lack of data but insufficient controls on data quality. Continue reading


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