Reach Marketing Named on the Inc. 5000 List for Second Year

(Pearl River, NY) – Database & Marketing Automation firm Reach Marketing® has earned a place on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the country. A leader in sales and marketing automation, Reach Marketing offers a full range of database management, data enrichment, demand & lead generation, CRM and marketing automation solutions to its extensive portfolio of clients.

The company has achieved 65.6 percent revenue growth over a 3 year period, securing a place on the Inc. 5000 List for the second year in a row. Being a part of the list puts the innovative firm among some of the most forward-thinking names in business and technology, including Intuit, Oracle, and Microsoft.

Reach Marketing CEO Greg Grdodian credits the company’s client-centric focus and innovative spirit as the key components to its success. “We grow best when we’re able to help our clients’ businesses grow. Our commitment to putting them first and designing optimal marketing solutions to fit has allowed us to succeed alongside them.”

“Being a part of the Inc. 5000 List for another year is deeply gratifying,” added Wayne Roberts, President of Reach Marketing. “We’re thankful for the recognition and are grateful to our clients, our personnel, and our strategic partners for their support. Receiving this honor from Inc. for a second year is an inspiration to continue striving for perfection.”

For more information about Reach Marketing and the company’s full range of sales and marketing automation solutions, contact Greg Grdodian or call 1.855.TO-REACH.

About Reach Marketing:
Reach Marketing ( ) is a data-driven, omni-channel marketing firm fueled by technology and MARKETING AI®. Reach enables marketers to acquire and retain customers through the most effective marketing channels. Reach delivers actionable insights by building world class single view databases for their clients while leveraging their audience development experience, data enrichment assets, CRM and marketing automation expertise to produce measurable results. Reach customers include leading companies in the E-Commerce, Health Care, Financial Services, Wholesale, High Tech, Training, and Media industries.

Reach Marketing and MARKETING AI are registered trademarks of Reach Marketing, LLC

Reach Marketing Wins 2016 Marketo Revvie Award

Pearl River, NY – Reach Marketing, an integrated marketing solutions company specializing in marketing automation implementation, announced it was named the winner in the category for Marketo Sales Partner of the Year in the 2016 Marketo Revvie Awards. Beating out tough competition, Reach Marketing joins an elite group of companies that has taken their clients’ marketing to the next level with Marketo, positively impacting their business and bottom line.Revvie2016

Over the last three years, Reach Marketing has assembled an all-star team of marketing, data, and technology experts to support Marketo adoption among enterprise businesses. This dedicated group of certified Marketo experts, as well as consultants, developers, database managers, content marketers, analysts, lead lifecycle architects, and audience development managers has driven joint customer wins and quickly set these companies up for success.

“Earning the award for the 2016 Marketo Revvie Awards Sales Partner of the Year underscores our hard work and commitment to support Marketo adoption among enterprise businesses,” said Greg Grdodian, CEO of Reach Marketing. “We are honored to be recognized as an exceptional member of the Marketing Nation®.”

“Reach Marketing has assembled an incredibly talented team of marketing automation experts, marketing strategists, data scientists, audience development specialists, creative designers, software developers, UX/UI designers and information architects to install, implement, and execute profitable marketing programs and multi-channel strategies to yield business growth for our clients,” Grdodian added.

Winners were recognized during Day 2 of the Marketing Nation Summit in Las Vegas on May 11, 2016. With 6,000 marketers registered from around the globe, the conference includes thought leadership, educational sessions, workshops, and trainings to empower marketers to succeed in today’s digital era.

About Reach Marketing:

Reach Marketing is an integrated marketing solutions company providing clients the ability to engage their customers more effectively and to acquire new customers through crosschannel prospecting. Our customers include leading companies in the E-Commerce, Health Care, Financial Services, Wholesale, High Tech, Training, and Publishing industries.”

About Marketo Revvie Awards:
Established in 2010, the Marketo Revvie Awards recognize and celebrate members of the Marketing Nation who leverage Marketo to drive the Next Era of marketing. These marketers constantly find clever ways attract and engage customers, propel their companies to new growth and success, and inspire others. To learn more,

MARKETING AI: From Automation to Revenue Performance Marketing

greg_grdodian_webstevan_roberts_Web1mabookIn MARKETING AI®, innovative marketing executives Stevan Roberts and Greg Grdodian, both of Reach Marketing LLC, bring their decades of experience to the forefront to illustrate what artificial intelligence and automated marketing can do for your business. From gaining a thorough understanding of your customers to using an integrated lead life cycle program to effectively engaging with your audience for sustained revenue growth, this valuable guide showcases how the latest technology will coordinate every aspect of the marketing process—in ways that no conventional strategy can provide. Continue reading

The Marketing Automation Revolution by the Numbers

marketing automation process chart

Not long ago, marketing automation solutions seemed like science fiction. The ability to track visitor behavior and contextualize it, rank leads, coordinate with your CRM, and create drip nurture programs all within the same system wasn’t within technology’s reach. When it first arrived, marketing automation was only for the largest corporations, but with the advent of more accessible MAS tools, more companies are able to be a part of what’s quickly becoming a revolution in marketing.

Companies that invest in marketing automation today are in the ideal position to take full advantage of everything the software has to offer. Early adopters of MAS technology gain a significant advantage over their competition, and it’s still not too late to press that advantage. Access to marketing automation has opened up as marketing firms who are at the vanguard of this technological revolution make it available to their clients.

Is it time for you to make the move to marketing automation? Here’s a look at some information from Wishpond’s 2015 edition of their State of Marketing Automation that will make that answer clear.

Four out of five top-performing CMOs say they rely on marketing automation as a driver for increased revenue. With automation, these marketing executives are able to score leads effectively, segment their markets efficiently, track the results of every campaign, coordinate marketing programs across all channels, and give customers outstanding service.

Automation pays off – three out of four companies that upgrade to a marketing automation system see a positive return on that investment within the year. Like any new system, marketing automation involves an initial outlay. Because it’s such a powerful tool to bring in more leads and convert them to customers, though, it pays for itself quickly – and then it continues to pay off with consistent, positive ROI.

– An organization that uses marketing automation doesn’t just generate more leads; it generates twice as many leads on average as blast email software. That’s because the email software that’s part of the MAS is only part of an integrated whole, funneling more new prospects into the system and guiding them through nurture programs that develop them into highly qualified leads. In other words, the system not only finds more leads but helps those leads become sales-ready.

– Lead nurture programs within a marketing automation system generate 47 percent more spend from customers. More leads enter the top of your sales funnel, and that means more customers appear at the bottom, but automation isn’t just about quantity. The quality of your leads also increases when your prospects have gotten guidance every step of the way along their buyer’s journey. Automated drip nurture programs develop prospects into customers, but they also help keep satisfied customers coming back and spending more.

Lead nurturing programs bring in twice as many leads as conventional lead generation, and they cut your costs by 33 percent. Every lead costs money, but marketing automation lowers that cost by a third on average. Combine that with what you’ve learned about how your MAS leads directly to a positive ROI and how customers spend nearly twice as much when they go through the appropriate nurture process, and you begin to see just how large a leap forward marketing automation can be.

– Companies that use their MAS well report a tremendous increase in qualified leads – as much as 451 percent. That isn’t a typo: Businesses using marketing automation have seen lead qualification rates that are more than quadruple their old in-flow. Because these leads go through thoughtfully designed and customized nurture programs automatically, businesses that get this influx of new leads are able to handle them.

– Reported conversion rates for companies using marketing automation software are as much as 50 percent higher after the upgrade. With automation, you’re able to communicate with customers at every step of their decision-making process. That constant contact builds trust on the customer’s side and helps companies know what their clients need on the business side. That improved communication leads directly to more revenue for you and better service for your customers.

– Marketers gain more time with automation as 36 percent of CMOs report they no longer expend effort on repetitive tasks. Automation was invented to remove tedium and wasted effort, and that’s as true in the marketing sector as it is in any other industry that’s seen an automation revolution. When your marketing team has more time to focus on creative concepts, coordination with sales, and find new ways to connect with customers, they’re free to brainstorm truly innovative ideas.

– Over 63 percent of businesses that out-compete their rivals use marketing automation. As a proof of concept, this statistic couldn’t speak more eloquently of the usefulness of marketing automation tools to build real value. To paint an even clearer picture, consider this: Among companies that earn more than half a billion dollars a year, 60 percent use marketing automation. Conversely, companies that earn $5 million or less annually aren’t a part of the MAS revolution; only 3 percent of them use marketing automation tools.

Printing Impressions Magazine Subscribers List

PI_logoThe online revolution has changed the way companies connect with their audiences, but printing remains a staple for publishing houses, newspapers, trade journals, direct mail and any industry that relies on printed words or images to communicate. Printing Impressions magazine serves the needs of these businesses with insightful commentary on issues that affect the print world. With more than 52,000 names and mailing addresses, the Printing Impressions Magazine Subscribers List offers access to a select group of highly influential professionals in the printing industry. Continue reading

Emerald Expositions Brings Additional Tradeshow Attendee Lists to Market

(PEARL RIVER, NY — EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY) — Emerald Expositions, the leading owner and operator of b2b and consumer tradeshows in the U.S., has added new-to-market trade show attendees to its database resulting from the acquisition of GLM (George Little Management). The addition of these trade show attendees brings Emerald Expositions’ Masterfile to 3,122,996 postal addresses, 1,596,566 phone numbers and 869,772 email addresses. This expanded data is now available to the marketing community for the first time ever.

The addition of these new-to-market names gives three of Emerald Expositions’ databases more purchasing power than any other lists of their kind. Emerald Expositions’ Retail Database, with 646,414 postal addresses, 449,458 phone numbers and 182,799 email addresses, is the most comprehensive in this industry sector, offering access to key decision-makers across virtually every retail store type. The company’s Design Database, with 759,737 postal addresses, 395,829 phone numbers and 185,953 email addresses, includes key influencers and specifiers in the architectural and interior design communities involved in hospitality, workplace, healthcare, education, retail and residential projects. The third is the Photography Database with 493,657 postal addresses, 274,971 phone numbers and 267,407 email addresses of professional photographers and videographers.

Business professionals attend Emerald Expositions trade shows from ten diversified end-markets, including general merchandise; sports; hospitality and retail design; jewelry, luxury, and antiques; e-commerce; photography; decorated apparel; building; healthcare; and military. The new GLM trade shows that have joined the Emerald Expositions database include Surf Expo, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition, NY NOW, Surtex, and the National Stationery Show.

CEO of Reach Marketing Greg Grdodian welcomed the new additions to the Emerald Expositions database. “Being able to provide new-to-market postal and email addresses is always exciting, he said. Establishing contact with a new-to-market list gives business owners and marketers a chance to form that all-important first impression with an entirely new audience.”

View Emerald Expositions Masterfile Datacard

For more information on Emerald Expositions’ lists, contact Gregry Gilroy at 845.201.5329 or at

About Reach Marketing

Reach Marketing ( ) is an integrated marketing solutions company that enables marketers to reach their target audience and achieve maximum marketing results by leveraging their multi-channel data assets and innovative technology into a unified marketing strategy.

*All lists managed by Reach Marketing include the ReachVerify© process, which includes reputation management optimization, E-COA, and address hygiene procedures, resulting in guaranteed delivery into the email box at no additional cost.

Marketing Automation Makes Sense

Why Marketing Automation Makes Sense

Marketing Automation Running a successful demand generation or lead management process requires that B2B marketers give individual responses to every prospect throughout the buying process. Because of the large volume of many marketing campaigns, it is not practical to identify every sign of buyer interest and respond to each of them manually. If you want to target your customers and prospects with the right information at the right time, you need a marketing automation software platform to customize your content and time your marketing communications.

Continue reading

Effective B2B Lead Generation Tactics

Marketing requires proper attention in every business. Advertising is key when developing a solid client base regardless of your brand and business. Internet marketing means many brands appear online and offline. Some businesses stick to traditional marketing strategies such as print ads, broadcasts and referrals while others have shifted to digital marketing. Others seek to strike a balance between traditional and digital marketing strategies. It is vital to assess the impact of B2B lead generation, regardless of the marketing channels you’re using.Business to Business Lead Generation

For any business to grow, it needs more clients. Effective lead generation tactics translate directly into more clients, which gives you room to grow. Digital marketing ignores physical boundaries and takes your brand to a global audience. By contrast, traditional marketing techniques target a focused audience in a specific region. Brand knowledge is therefore restricted to particular people living in a certain geographical region.

Continue reading

Big Data: What’s Hot, What’s Hype for 2015

big_dataWhile everyone from astrophysicists to molecular biologists are excited about what big data means for their area of research, you don’t have to be a scientist to appreciate what it can do. Big data – or more accurately, the ability to crunch truly huge numbers and derive unprecedented levels of meaning from the torrents of information your software system takes in – also applies to marketing. With it, every element of customer behavior becomes a data point that can then be analyzed to spot trends that would have been invisible to analytical tools just a few years ago. Continue reading


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