Why Your Customers Hope You Use Real-Time Marketing Automation

Low effort, high return – that’s the dream for most B2B buyers. They want a frictionless buying experience that results in making exactly the right purchase. Deliver ease of use to your customers, and you’ll keep them for life. Real-time marketing automation creates a more responsive interaction with buyers, smoothing the way for the easiest possible buying journey. Here’s why a real-time approach matters to your buyers. Continue reading

Marketing Automation and the Psychology of Ice Cream

Marketing Automation and the Psychology of Ice Cream
Baskin-Robbins knows a lot about manufacturing ice cream. They know even more about marketing it; their “31 flavors” promise has kept the brand popular since 1953. That number sticks in customers’ memories, but the actual number of flavors the company has offered is considerably larger – more than 1,300 flavors, in fact.

With so many choices, then, why will you only find a couple dozen at your local parlor? Logistics and changing tastes are only part of the answer. A psychological quirk called analysis paralysis is the rest of the story, and it’s vital to understand it when putting marketing automation to work for you. Continue reading

Stepping Up to Responsive Marketing

customer journey

The old model of marketing was almost entirely a top-down phenomenon. Marketers decided what audiences wanted, sometimes with a little cursory market research, and then they pushed the product out to leads. Today’s B2B business scene is no longer just about how well you speak to your customers; it’s also about how well you listen. Continue reading

How Adept Are You at Adaptive Marketing?

adaptive marketing

The modern customer-driven experience can feel a little bit like building a bridge as your lead crosses it. You need split-second timing, thorough knowledge of the terrain, and a lot of confidence to promise your prospect that you’ll build the ideal customer experience around him or her at every step of the buying journey. Now, try doing it with every lead in real time.

That’s adaptive marketing, and it’s only possible when you optimize your marketing automation system. Continue reading

Mixing and Matching with Marketing Automation

integrating sales and marketing

Movies and popcorn, cookies and milk, the Beatles – some things are just plain better together than they are on their own. That’s true for marketing automation software and CRMs. Each can be a powerful tool on its own, but when they’re integrated into a central database, they truly empower your MARKETING AI® to deliver the utmost in customer care while giving you unparalleled insight into your audience. Continue reading

Making Marketing Feel More Human with Automation

marketing automation

Marketing automation can effortlessly coordinate omni-channel campaigns, centralize data for detailed analysis, score leads, and more. For all its other virtues, the true power of MARKETING AI® may rely on its ability to connect with us on a human level. Customized lead nurture programs and preference options that give control back to buyers create a more personal experience that would be impossible to duplicate without the power of automation behind it. Continue reading

Who Are You Helping Today?

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We were going to share some insights about how marketing automation helps you target leads, but we decided instead to take a closer look at that approach. It’s true that a MARKETING AI® will pinpoint your VIP leads – you can read all about that in our other article this week – but it can do much more. Rather than think in terms of targeting, let’s take a look at marketing automation from the other side of the fence and see how it looks from a lead’s viewpoint. Continue reading

The 5 Questions That Shape Your Marketing Automation Strategy

marketing automation

Marketing automation’s power is huge – so huge that without some direction, the technology can become overwhelming without guidance. It’s why we refer to technology this sophisticated as MARKETING AI® – a system that transcends data input and output to deliver real insights. Translating theoretical knowledge of marketing automation into practical applications will keep your automation strategy on track.
Continue reading


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