Finding Your Golden Hour

golden hour for email marketing

When is the best time for email marketing to reach leads? Maybe you’ve heard it’s best to send emails out during the small hours of the morning so they’re fresh and ready to read when your prospects wake up. You might have heard it’s good to aim for just before or after lunch when leads have a break in their routines that makes lead gen emails more memorable. Or maybe you’re sure it’s best to send them at the end of the day when you have less inbox competition. Continue reading

5 Keys to Making Your Email Marketing Matter More

5 Keys to Making Your Email Marketing Matter More
When was the last time you opened an email because you were completely uninterested in what it had to say? How about searching on Amazon for products you’ll never need or Googling information you can’t use? Probably never, yet B2B businesses who don’t work to remain relevant to their prospects are investing time and energy in lead gen campaigns to entice their audience into doing just that.

Without relevance, your email lead gen strategy can’t gain traction. Here’s how to make sure you remain relevant to the audience you have today.
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Want Answers? Ask the Right Questions

surveys and polls

Some of what you want to know about your leads is straightforward. Other data only becomes clear after some effort. Basic contact data is only the beginning of what you can learn about your leads – and often, all you need to do is ask. Not all questions are created equal, though. Here’s how to gather more in-depth data and put it to work by asking questions that encourage engagement. Continue reading

Why Real-Time Analytics Matter – Really

web analytics

Remember when TV stations used to sign off with the Star-Spangled Banner? If you’re a millennial, you might not, but it used to happen. It’s one of those historical artifacts you don’t see anymore because all the major networks now broadcast around the clock. We no longer live in a world that waits; your television, your phone, and your internet access are always on, and we expect instant gratification.

It’s more important than ever that your marketing analytics are always on too. Whether your leads browse your site at 2:00 in the afternoon or in the wee hours of the morning, you need to know who they are and what they’re looking for so you can deliver it immediately. When you run an A/B split test, you can’t wait a week for the data to trickle in. Last year’s lead nurture strategies may not meet your current leads’ needs.

Enter real-time analytics.

Instant feedback on how prospects move from social media channels to your landing pages and throughout your site can tell you volumes about what motivates them. Let’s say, for instance, that a lead answers your latest Twitter poll and gets curious about the answers. To learn more, he clicks through a link in your previous tweet and bounces from page to page on your site. You’re able to trace this progress and turn it into meaningful information by combining it with other user data gathered in real time. You learn about when prospects visit you, what interests them, and how you can give them what they need quickly.

So much about customer interactions is time-sensitive. If you throw in-depth information at new leads, they’re going to feel lost. Send a more sales-ready prospect entry-level content, and they’re likely to tune it out as it isn’t relevant to them. On-demand analytics that tell you where individual leads are in their buying journey let you address what they need to know now – not what they might want in a week or really could have used last month.

A/B split testing is another area in which real-time analytics make a critical difference, and only marketing automation can supply the computational power it takes. With marketing automation technology, you see which message wins the head-to-head battle in real time and can push the winner out to your audience as soon as you feel it’s ready. That’s especially important because leads’ opinions can change over time, and the results of one week’s testing may not hold true next week.

In an instant-gratification world, you can’t afford to let your lead gen lag behind. Real-time interaction is a must for customers and for your analytics.

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Becoming Your Leads’ Perfect Match

customer match

Finding new prospects, learning more about them, striking up a long-term relationship – lead gen has at least a little in common with online dating. There’s plenty of competition, and success depends on making an appealing first impression and then following through by building trust. How you become a perfect match for your leads depends on your research skills, your ability to listen, and your commitment to earning their business. Continue reading

The Psychology of Email Marketing

psychology of email marketing

In email marketing, you only have a few seconds to capture and hold your leads’ attention. Many of the tactics marketers used in the early days of email are anathema to buyers now, in part because that’s all they were: tactics. Gimmicks such as all-caps messages and clickbait subject lines no longer have an impact; in fact, they can alienate your audience. Continue reading

The 4 Quickest Ways to Maximize Your Lead Gen ROI

Maximize ROI

Discussions about marketing theory are fascinating, but translating them into reality is what matters most for your bottom line. Lead generation is only part of the story; you also need to convert those leads eventually. Because this week’s all about applied knowledge, we’re focused on how you can take quick, direct action to increase your lead gen ROI. Continue reading

What’s Holding Your Lead Gen Strategy Back?

lead generation choices

When it comes to picking a spot for dinner or deciding what to read, a little spontaneity is a good thing. For lead generation strategies, though, predictability is the goal. You want to know exactly how reliable your lead gen activities are – how many leads you’ll get from a given action, your cost per lead, your total nurture time. With reliable metrics in your lead gen strategy, you’re able to maximize conversions and minimize wasted effort.
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