Putting Customers First in a Digital Environment

Putting Customers First in a Digital Environment

In the digital realm, customers – not businesses – set the tone of the relationship. They expect information on demand, not only during business hours. They won’t wait weeks for an answer to their questions; sometimes they won’t even wait hours. To give customers what they want, businesses must now be prescient, meeting the next need as soon as it arises. Continue reading

What’s Hot and What’s Hype in Database Marketing

What’s Hot and What’s Hype in Database Marketing

Big data is no longer just for academicians and research labs; it’s having a huge impact in every industry from agriculture to manufacturing. Technology is also changing the face of marketing by giving CMOs and other marketing professionals unprecedented insight into their audiences. Information is power, and nowhere is that more true than in marketing. Think of each piece of customer data you gather as a pixel. Each pixel of data contributes to a larger picture, your marketing automation database should represent the technology that puts those pixels into context within a comprehensive image.

Like any hot new tech, automation-assisted database marketing comes with its fair share of hype, too. Here’s how to sort facts from promises when looking at what’s next in data-driven marketing.

Improving Analytics

The formula for success isn’t universal, and it changes over time. That doesn’t mean it isn’t real, and marketing automation database can help you spot it when it happens. Data analysis is white-hot for marketers now because the technology to trace decision-making processes is better than ever. With data-driven marketing, you’re able to find out what drives your most successful campaigns and spot the limiting factors in others. Discover what your leads need to make buying decisions, where your marketing spend is best used, and which marketing channels offer you the strongest ROI.

Building a Better Audience

Who are your best customers? Do you know why they’re so loyal or where to find more like them? With marketing automation database driving your campaign execution, you will. Customer personas that give you deep insight into your audience and identify leads who resemble them so you can focus your efforts are key parts of any marketing database platform. The trend today is toward data integration – fusing demographic, firmographic, and behavioral data with information from your CRM to create a centralized repository of information. Your marketing database is your library, and with it, your customers are an open book.

Nurturing Leads

Developing a narrative that sweeps potential customers up and carries them along the sales pipeline isn’t new, but the ability to do it easily across all marketing channels is. A marketing automation database’s omni-channel presence and sophisticated drip nurture programs can now guide prospects from the time they make their first anonymous visit to your site to the moment they choose to buy and beyond.

Triggered emails, customized web design, and improved audience segmentation all contribute to far more sensitive lead nurture and customer retention programs.

Improving Content

And now for the hype: Don’t believe anyone who tells you that an intelligent database rooted in automation will kill content marketing. Quite the contrary –automation is intensely content-hungry. All those nurture programs and customized campaigns need useful, actionable content to drive them. The trend in marketing automation databases today is toward more high-value content, not less. Be ready to ramp up your content marketing as you upgrade to automation-assisted database marketing, and you’ll be well equipped for the future.

Improving Information Security in a Data-Driven World

Improving Information Security in a Data-Driven World

There’s a reason data security has become a big concern for businesses and customers alike. Information has value, and that means a database is as attractive as an unguarded bank vault. High-profile data breaches involving some of the world’s largest companies have alerted customers to the need for good data security. When you’re able to assure your clients that you’re acting responsibly with their data, you earn their trust. Here’s how you can get greater protection for one of your most valuable assets: your data.

Securing Your Network

Most data breaches aren’t acts of dedicated malice. They’re crimes of opportunity. Data used to exist only in a few stationary nodes, such as your intra-office network and possibly your desktop computer at home. Now, data’s spread across a host of devices and on the cloud. You and your customers are more mobile than ever, doing business on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, so it’s easier for that widespread data to be lost or stolen. Entrusting your customer data to a company with a history of outstanding data security and hygiene that trains its personnel in data governance is a smart choice.

Offering Customers Choices

When you ask leads for information, you take on a responsibility to treat that data with care. One way to encourage prospects to give you their data is to ask for it in stages. A system that requests more detailed information only after prospective customers get to know and trust you helps them feel more comfortable sharing data with you. Give subscribers to your newsletter a wider range of opt-down choices so they can choose their own level of comfort is another way to earn long-term loyalty. Creating these defined and non-redundant forms help your clientele feel safe.

Collecting Anonymous Data

Some of your most valuable data doesn’t even need a name attached to it. Anonymous browser cookies collect behavioral information from site visitors and give you a clear picture of how leads interact with you, but because these bits of data aren’t directly linked to more sensitive data, they offer a higher level of security. These anonymous data points still give you useful insights about users’ IP addresses, telling you where your leads are located, how they arrived at your site, and which content they’re viewing, but they don’t reveal sensitive information.

Sharing Ethically

Because data has value, it can also be shared with others for a fee. It’s vital to develop a clear, concise privacy policy to let users know where their data might be going. Compiling subscriber-based lists and in-house lists for list management and rental can be an outstanding source of revenue for businesses, especially in the B2B sector, so work with a third-party list management company to develop a way to bring your list to the marketplace while retaining your leads’ data security.

Customers are right to be cautious about sharing their information. When you provide them with a transparent data collection and usage policy, opt-in and opt-down programs that give them choices, and a marketing database that’s built with data security in mind, you’re well on your way to earning their trust and personal information.

The One: 5 Benefits of Committing to a Single, Centralized Database


Businesses generate data from many components, but it all has to come together somewhere.

From Excel to “The Cloud,” your data can be anywhere, sometimes all at once! But with so many essential tactics leveraging data-driven marketing, and real penalties for data mistakes — be it the punishment for spam and data breaches, or just annoying customers with poorly targeted messages — it’s time to clean up your data mess and get things organized in one, centralized data repository. Centralizing your data doesn’t just have huge benefits; it’s absolutely essential for five reasons:

1. It Reduces Bad Data

Bad data costs money. It costs money to acquire, money to store and (mis)manage, and money that you miss out on when it loses sales. A Gartner survey found that companies know bad data costs them money, an average of $14 million from the companies they surveyed. A separate study by LeadJen found that bad data costs companies $20,000 per sales rep per year. Experian says 75 percent of companies are wasting 15 percent of their revenue due to poor data quality. And there’s a lot more data that says the same thing where they came from.

A lot of data inconsistency is caused by maintaining information in parallel databases, transferring data from department to department, and not having a single point of responsibility for keeping it all clean and up to date. Bringing all of your data into a centralized system is essential to solving this problem.

2. Saves Time and Money

This seems obvious, but it’s really a top reason to get your data into one central database. It may take a higher level of expertise to manage a centralized marketing database, but it takes a lot less personnel time than having multiple departments manage separate databases in separate repositories or Excel files.

It’s not just about wasted time or effort, there is work and analysis that simply does not happen with the data being managed by different folks in different departments across your company.

3. Enables Cross-Silo Tracking and Messaging

Cross-sell, up-sell, opportunistic sales based on the customer’s needs … none of these things are possible if data doesn’t travels from lead generation through nurturing, sale, post-sale and customer service. The best way to do that is to have one database that all of those departments can access, one record all of those departments can build upon.

Think beyond marketing for a moment. Think of how customer service works with sales. If a customer calls in to customer service with a problem, and sales is going to call on that customer again in the future, details of that interaction should be in the same database the salesperson is using. The salesperson can at least mention the service call to break the ice, and may be able to makes cross-sell or up-sell offers based on the experience.

That’s why research from Experian Data Quality Services found that the top two reasons companies reported for keeping high quality data were “increase efficiency” and “enhancement of customer/client satisfaction.”

4. More Accurate and Insightful Analytics

Want to know how lead source and nurturing steps impact the post-purchase customer experience and lifetime value? You’re not alone; analytics and reporting are often at the top of marketer’s list of reasons for purchasing marketing technology. Any technology that enables that will require a centralized database (or provide one).

5. Easier to Prove ROI and Get Executive Buy-in

This is related to the point above, but the consequences of this particular shortcoming are far ranging.

Marketers have long struggled to be recognized as a revenue center by the C-suite. And it doesn’t help when the boss asks a quantitative question, and your best answer is to stall for time because it’ll take time to pull that information together from several different systems.

Having a central database is the first step to embracing all the technology and opportunity available to marketers today. Don’t be left behind.

Customer Profiling

Understand Your Customer to Reach Full Market Potential

Knowledge is power, and it is critical to any successful marketing mission. Reach Marketing’s customer profile delivers the power of knowledge directly to marketers in an accessible, actionable format that identifies the key firmographic and demographic DNA of your customers. The business intelligence generated by our customer profile is indispensable. Once we identify your customer’s footprint, we then clone that profile within our multi-channel, multi-sourced third-party prospecting database so you can target ideal prospects to become your next customers.

Creating an accurate customer profile can help you to:

  • Penetrate markets where opportunity exists
  • Identify target audiences
  • Choose responsive email lists and direct mail lists
  • Target existing buying sites to attract additional contacts
  • Target new sites

How it Works
Provide your customer file to Reach Marketing to run against our ReachBase multi-channel database of over 72 million postal addresses, 53 million phone numbers and 35 million email addresses to find records that match. Then we’ll overlay your file with firmographic data such as SIC, existing buying sites, sales volume, employee size and individual data elements including job title/function, postal, phone and email addresses.

What information is available with a Reach profile through ReachBase?

Business Firmographics/Data Elements:

  • SIC
  • Sales Volume
  • Employee Size
  • Job Title
  • Job Function
  • Existing Buying Sites
  • Domain
  • Email Address
  • Industry
  • Buying Influences

Consumer Demographics Available for a Customer Profile:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Dwelling Type
  • Home Value
  • Hobbies/Interest
  • Estimated Income
  • Presence of Children
  • Homeowner Status
  • Length of Residence
  • Marital Status
  • Net Worth
  • Credit Card
  • Ailments
  • Apparel
  • Books & Music
  • Donor
  • Entertainment
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Money and Finance
  • Political Affiliation
  • Recreation
  • Shopping
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • and more

With your newly created Reach profile, you’re on your way to marketing more intelligently.

Data Hygiene and Processing

Data Hygiene and Processing Allow You to Mail More Efficiently, Resulting in a Higher Return on Your Investment

All marketers know that the key to marketing success is getting your offer delivered. With the influx of incomplete and inaccurate house file data, the need for proper data hygiene and processing campaigns is greater than ever. It’s too expensive to mail undeliverable postal pieces, and your email reputation is too important to spend on undeliverable email addresses. Reach Marketing offers the industry’s leading data hygiene and data processing service, ReachVerify.


Postal Hygiene
CASS certification helps you qualify for mail discounts by correcting any errors you may have in your mailing list addresses. The CASS matching process verifies that addresses are either correct and deliverable or incorrect and undeliverable. CASS certification services correct misspelled words within your address database, adds ZIP+4 and supplies missing street address information.

National Change of Address (NCOALink) is a database owned and updated by the United States Postal Service (USPS). It contains approximately 160 million permanent change-of-address (COA) records filed with the USPS over the last 18 months. This process reduces undeliverable mail by providing the most current address information for matches made to the NCOALink file and prevents re-mailings after address corrections are received because the address correction is applied prior to the mailing. It also reduces mailer costs by lowering the number of undeliverable mail pieces.

Telephone Validation
Our program validates telephone numbers and ensure that the syntax is correct. This includes removal of nonexistent area codes and extra digits.

Email Hygiene
Reach Marketing will analyze and process an email list identifying the following categories:

  • Failed Email Structure Validation/Key Failure
    These records have been identified as containing keywords which are flagged as being indicative of a trap or screamer. In addition, this includes records that are not structured like an email address.
  • Disposable Email Address
    Domains that are solely used by people to sign up for something then never used again. These accounts are typically automatically deleted after a certain amount of time and provide a one on one relationship between an email address and subscription. Deploying to these will allow the recipient to identify the source of the marketing message. These records should not be deployed to.
  • Known Hard Bounces/Pinged Hard Bounces
    These records have previously been deployed by Reach Marketing or have been “pinged” and have received a hard bounce classification. These records should not be deployed to.
  • Spam Trap/Mole Record
    Identified known mole/trap records and domains, as well as suspected/higher risk records. This process also includes suppression of records within domains known to feed data upstream to 3rd party SPAM monitoring services. We strongly recommend suppressing all records within this category. The risk is not worth any reward in deploying them.

Data Reactivation
Reach Marketing can reactivate your entire database by matching it up against our active database of business professionals. Through our proprietary match logic we will identify everyone on your legacy database that is an active professional within our database. Once this process is complete, Reach Marketing will return your file with the reactivated records. This will allow you to re-engage with your database of known active professionals.

Merge Purge
Merge Purge is the process of combining multiple lists, simultaneously identifying or combining duplicates and purging unwanted records. This process saves you money by eliminating duplicate mailings and maximizing response.

Postal presort puts your address records into the proper sort order for USPS processing, earning you discounts. This includes: ZIP code correction, ZIP+4 coding, and address standardization.

NCOALink processing is provided by a non-exclusive licensee of the United States Postal Service. The following trademarks are owned by the United States Postal Service:
ZIP, ZIP Code, ZIP+4, CASS, NCOALink, LACSLink, USPS, U.S. Postal Service, United States Postal Service, United States Post Office.

Data Append and Enhancement

Improving Your Customer List with Data Appending

Direct marketing has changed. It is no longer acceptable to only know that an individual purchased from your company, at least not if you want to stay in business. Today, it is critical to understand why your customer purchases from your organization. This can truly only be accomplished by understanding your customer’s DNA, which is realized through a data append and enhancement program.

Reach Marketing can enhance your customer database by appending key business data elements that will improve your business intelligence and marketing performance. In addition, we can add contact information within several communication channels which leads to greater retention and the ability to find identical leads on outside lists.

B2B Data Append

We start by matching your house file against ReachBase, our comprehensive B2B multi-channel database. With match rates of up to 50% for companies by site and up to 40% for individuals, we will then append critical information to your database.

Business Firmagraphic and Data Elements
  • Channel Choices:
    Email, Postal and Phone
  • Multi-buyers
    Buyers who have responded to multiple offers from different companies. They are more likely to purchase than single buyers.
  • Text Title
    The prospect’s job title. It is a more reliable data point than buying authority.
  • SIC Code
    The standard industrial classification code. It identifies the business the company is in, and individual sites.
  • Employee Size and Sales Volume
    A crucial factor in determining company size and worth.
  • Existing Buying Sites
    This variable will help you better segment and locate your audience.
Data Roll-ups

A significant challenge while analyzing your customer base is the lack so unification between your records, which makes it extremely difficult to query your database and identify clusters of records.  Reach Marketing will roll up specific data fields within your customer base to allow for large scale file segmentation.  We can roll-up and categorize the following fields:

  • Job Title
  • Job Function
  • Industry
  • Employee size

Maximize the Value of your Customer Email File with Reach’s B2B Reverse Email Append Services.

The Challenge:
You only have email addresses, but you want to connect with your online customers offline to create more revenue potential.

The Answer:
Reverse Email Append will allow you to communicate with your customers through multiple touch points, better segment your database based on location, and append firmagraphic information such as SIC and job function, to understand your customers better.

What is Reverse Email Append?
Reverse Email Append is a Reach Marketing data enhancement service that accurately appends names, postal addresses and telephone numbers to your customer records for your specific needs.

Why use Reach Marketing’s Reverse Email Append Services?
Reach Marketing starts with superior business information. No other product or service can match Reach Marketing’s proprietary data and technology for quality, accuracy, sophistication, append rates, and ease of use. Our postal data is also certified by CASS for accurate delivery.

How Many Addresses Can you Append?
Reach Marketing’s valuable and accurate B2B process yields match rates as high as 45% of your customer file appended with valid postal addresses and/or phone numbers.

With postal addresses and/or phone numbers appended to your email list, you will:

  • Improve conversion rates by combining email, direct mail and telemarketing strategies.
  • Create a more detailed customer profile for better ROI potential.
  • Use direct mail to drive your customers to your website and promote your social marketing strategies.
The Reach Reverse Append Process:
  1. Receives your file of email address records.
  2. Appends individuals name, postal address and/or phone number from our premium B2B Database
  3. Delivers back your customer database with accurate deliverable names, postal addresses and/or phone numbers.
  4. You only pay for matched records.

Consumer Data Append

We start by matching your house file against our consumer database. We will then append the critical data elements necessary for your business growth.

  • Gender
  • Age Dwelling Type
  • Home Value
  • Hobbies/Interest
  • Income
  • Presence of Children
  • Homeowner Status
  • Length of Residence
  • Marital Status
  • Net Worth
  • Credit Card
  • Ailments
  • Apparel
  • Books & Music
  • Donor
  • Entertainment
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Money and Finance
  • Political Affiliation
  • Recreation
  • Shopping
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • and more

Reach Marketing can also append email addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers for generating telemarketing leads. Studies show that response rates leap dramatically when prospects are contacted through more than one channel.

Database Management


Strengthen Your Data Assets with World-Class Database Management

Combining state-of-the-art technology and multi-channel expertise, Reach Marketing offers a database management service for the digital era.

Take a good look at any successful business, and you’ll find a company that practices outstanding database management and understands the value of every piece of incoming information. Combining state-of-the-art technology and multi-channel expertise, Reach Marketing offers an innovative database management service for the digital era.

Database marketing transforms data into actionable information, generates growth, and improves ROI. Like a game of chess, the rules are simple, but the game is complex – and the size of the board has grown. Data now flows in from hundreds of sources. A marketer needs skill and vast computing power to leverage it.

Reach Marketing’s database management services let you play the game like a grandmaster and win, giving you a significant edge based on measurable knowledge.

We deploy a three-step Central Intelligence Alignment process for effective database management. This CIA process transforms your database marketing program into a revenue engine powerful enough to drive sales to new heights.


First, we bring together all the elements of your marketing program – your accounting system, email marketing database, direct mail addresses, social media channels, PPC and CRM files, everything about your leads – to simplify complex data with the power of marketing automation. Integrating siloed data shows you the bigger picture so you can derive meaningful insights from your entire informational universe. As you pool all your resources, you know more about your prospects and are able to track their forward momentum – and that leads straight to higher ROI.


Inconsistency is the death knell for databases, making them all but unusable. Normalization creates consistency throughout your database. A marketing automation system using its data dictionary to normalize the information properly translates the similarities in each format and recognizes data that should be grouped together. Once data’s put in the same place and format, you’re ready to make the most of it.


Comparing data as a whole or in segments against an existing database opens new markets to you, lets you maximize the value of your lists, and allows you to append data that brings all your data together into a cohesive whole. With optimized data, you develop a functional lead scoring strategy based on solid information rather than guesswork and understand every step your leads take along their buying journeys.

We give you a 360-degree view of your customer and the ability to react quickly to changing business needs in every channel, including social media and the web. We can design and maintain your database to give you actionable insights that guide your direct mail and email marketing campaigns to repeated success.

Our services include:
  • Data hygiene
  • Multi-channel data integration and analysis
  • Development of initial permissions and data hygiene rules
  • Reactivation of previously responsive segments
  • Reducing data processing costs
  • Data enhancement and overlays, using ReachBase, our multi-channel database
  • Analytics and deriving actionable insight

Data Append and Data Enhancement Improve Your Customer File

Reach Marketing can enhance your customer database by appending key business data elements that will improve your business intelligence and marketing performance. Find out more…

Data Processing and Data Hygiene Allows You to Mail More Efficiently and at Lower Costs

Reach Marketing offers data processing services and data hygiene services for B2B and B2C. Find out more…

Customer Profiling Through ReachBase

Profile your customer list to help find similar prospects and get the best response from your direct marketing campaigns. Find out more…

Data Licensing

Our data licensing programs offer one year unlimited use for direct marketing purposes. Find out more…

White Papers

Developing Your Data Management Playbook

Your businesses success hinges on your ability to engage with your target audience. The key to high engagement levels falls on your ability to deliver relevant content to each prospect and/or customer at the precise moment that it’s interesting to them. This personalization is Download Nowonly possible if your database is centralized, normalized and producing the necessary actionable insights.

Data Science Capability Maturity:A Self-Assessment

Discover self-assessment tools to identify where your organization is in its Download Nowjourney from gathering and organizing data to building a responsive, agile data-driven marketing intelligence system that sees the curves in the road ahead.

Pinpointing the Source of Success with Attribution

Where does your success come from, and how can you find more of it? The answers lie in proper attribution, the process of assigning real value to .Download Now everything your marketing team does to produce results. When you know how every touch is working, you know how to repeat your successes and build on them with more effective campaigns

Join us for a tour of Reach Marketing’s new data center where you will discover state-of-the-art equipment that’s powerful, scalable and secure.


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