5 Marketing Trends for 2016

Every year brings advances in technology, and 2016 is poised to be one of the most exciting for marketers. Marketing automation tools that transform lead gen and nurture programs, searches that integrate a buyer’s experience across all platforms, and an increased focus on meaningful content are just some of the highlights in store for the new year. Continue reading

The Six Phases of the B2B Buyer’s Journey

In retail sales, a buyer’s decision-making process might be as simple as seeing a display in a shop window and walking inside. The B2B sales process is a journey – one that B2B sellers need to understand so they can guide prospects through it. This step-by-step overview of how shoppers become buyers in a B2B context will help you make that buying journey together. Continue reading

Spring for Content Marketing

Want to get people to listen? Tell them what they’re interested in hearing. Content marketing taps into the reasons your prospective customers seek out information and positions you as the source of that knowledge. Cost-effective, sustainable, and highly measurable thanks to automation tools, content marketing is one of the most efficient ways to drive revenue while giving your audience what they want most – knowledge.

Discover more about how content marketing can satisfy potential customers while improving brand awareness and dramatically improving your SEO in this week’s infographic. Continue reading

“One Weird Tip” – Creating Compelling Email Subject Lines Without Tricking Your Readers


If you’ve ever wondered what that “one weird tip” is, you aren’t alone. Those little ads for anything from financial planning to tooth whitening to weight loss have been phenomenally successful at attracting clicks. They’ve also become a victim of their own success because they rarely have the content to back up their promises, but that doesn’t mean the ads themselves don’t have plenty to teach. Businesses can still learn some important takeaways from these ads, especially for email marketing subject lines. Continue reading

13 Most Common B2B Content Marketing Tactics

According to a recent report by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, B2B marketers know it’s important to include more content in their marketing mix but find it a challenge to to produce a constant stream of relevant content. In today’s infographic, find out what the most common tactics are that B2B marketers are using for their content marketing. Continue reading

Unlocking Gated Content’s Potential with Email

lockIf your email marketing strategy is on track, you’re already giving your audience a steady stream of compelling content in your email and newsletters. If you’re really stepping it up, you’ve also added gated content to the mix. Like anything valuable, you aren’t giving away this content for free; you’re charging admission in the form of data. When interested visitors buy into your gated content with their information, make the most of it and watch your lead generation numbers soar. Continue reading

Integrated Marketing

Your marketing strategy should consist of a number of different channels to distribute your content/promotional offer. These diversified channels should include email, direct mail, websites, social media, print ads and video. Reach Marketing’s proven integrated marketing strategies turn those disparate channels into a single seamless campaign, delivering that message to your optimal audience.

How important is integrated marketing? Consider this: five years ago, social media was just beginning to make an impact. Today, it’s essential for finding new customers and communicating with your current customers. These vital avenues of communication are always changing, and you need a company that keeps up with changing technology and innovates strategies to benefit from these advancements. Integrated marketing also improves your brand recall when leveraged within each channel.

Think of your marketing campaign as pieces of a puzzle. We can put the pieces together for you, but we can also build around the pieces you already have in place. Customized a la carte marketing services fill in those missing pieces, giving you the specific expertise you need in one channel to reach the next stage and build a complete picture of success.

A comprehensive integrated marketing strategy is vital to the success of every business. From enterprise companies that want full-service integration across every available channel to smaller businesses that just need one piece of the puzzle to jump start or complete their marketing efforts, Reach Marketing has the right solution.


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