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Quality business mailing lists provide you with accurate, updated, and affordable leads. Prospecting from a mailing list that’s been verified and enhanced for the most complete, accurate customer records is more than just a chance to establish contact. You know your new audience to an unprecedented degree even before you’ve introduced yourself, and knowing these details lets you align your message and their interests more closely than ever.


Approximately 70,000 different mailing lists are available for rental on the market, representing a combined database of some one billion names. Reach Marketing provides experienced list brokers who will be your partner in choosing the most responsive mailing lists from this vast universe. As a Reach Marketing client, you receive this service for free.

Types of business mailing lists includes:

Compiled lists – These lists include people or companies assembled from established published sources such as industry listings and general-purpose directories such as the Yellow Pages. Compiled lists are excellent for broadcasting your message to large but specific audiences. For example, you might want a compiled list of chefs in New York or all respiratory therapists in the country. Mail order offers, on the other hand, are a better fit for more narrowly focused lists such as response lists.

Response lists – These lists contain proven direct mail customers who have bought in the past. Mail order offers typically get high rates of return from mailings to response lists consisting of people and companies whose buying history matches your offer. A list of mystery book buyers, for example, would respond well to offers of other books in related genres at similar prices..

Attendee/membership/seminar lists – People who have participated in industry conferences, trade shows and other similar special events often have a keen interest in products and services related to their industry sector. Because these shows often incur significant costs to attend, members are heavily invested in their sector; these lists represent an outstanding opportunity for highly targeted marketing.

Subscription lists – These are some of the best and largest lists on the market. Two types of subscription lists exist: controlled circulation and paid circulation. With controlled circulation, the readers receive the magazine free, provided they can prove to the publisher that they fall into a certain professional category (for example, to receive a free computer magazine, the reader must work in the data processing department at a firm of a certain minimum size). Proof is accomplished by completing a subscription request form or “qualification card.” With paid circulation, the reader pays for a subscription and is not required to provide additional data other than name and address.

Each type has benefits and drawbacks. For mail order offers, paid subscriber lists are often the ideal choice because they reach people who have already bought a product – the magazine – via mail order. Controlled circulation lists, on the other hand, allow extensive selectability. Because controlled circulation subscribers have offered significant information, you can choose demographic segments within the list, including separation by job title, job function, size of company or type of products purchased.

Merged database lists – These lists compile other lists into a master list that streamlines your selection process. Merging cleans the list of duplicate names and groups specific markets together. Merged databases, sometimes called master lists, give you the opportunity to reach select markets with a high-value list free from noise and bad addresses.

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Your customer/prospecting list is only as good as the data it contains.


Business Mailing List Selectivity

Selects allow you to pinpoint your audience even further. Additional fees are charged for selections ranging from $5 to $50+.

Popular selects for business mailing lists include:

  • Industry/Business Type
  • SIC Code
  • Job Title
  • Job Function
  • Number of Employees
  • Sales Volume
  • One Per Company
  • Products Purchased
  • Gender
  • Geography

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