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Only an estimated 22 percent of companies report that they feel satisfied with their conversion rates. This dismal statistic suggests that most brands have extensive room for improvement with their online marketing effectiveness. The best place to begin making these improvements lies with the landing pages; the cornerstone of your lead conversion strategy.

When it comes to your landing page, simple changes can result in large improvements. Take, for example, the navigation bar. Only 16 percent of landing pages have removed this feature from the page. When brands do take the step to remove the bar, however, they can see conversion rate jumps as high as 100 percent.*

If you want to learn how to create effective landing pages, here are our top 4 tips.

Create more landing pages for more campaigns

The math on this one is simple: when you have more offers for customers, you get more leads. Businesses who have more than 40 landing pages will generate 12 times the leads of those who have only 1 to 5.

As you create more landing pages, consider the different buying stages of your personas. This should align with your email marketing objectives. Create more customized landing pages that address the needs of each audience.

Pay attention to your messaging

Your landing page should contain a headline and brief summary that clearly articulates the value of this offer. Use bullets or a list to let visitors know what they will gain from filling out your form. Let them know how your offer targets a specific pain point they experience and can help them resolve it.

The information contained on the page should tie back clearly to the email marketing or link CTA that led people to your landing page.

Remember the value of simplicity

Your landing page should not be cluttered: it should use white space, clear language, and an appealing layout. There should be only one offer per page. This trait also extends to your form. Reducing the number of fields from 11 to 4 can boost conversion rates by as much as 120 percent. People do not like having to fill out many different fields: the ‘cost’ becomes too high in their minds. You want to limit your forms to information you absolutely need to know to proceed with your email campaigns and other marketing efforts.

Similarly, customers also show an aversion to particular types of questions. For example, asking people their age reduces the number of conversions you get. Think carefully about the information you need from your leads.

Test, test, test your creations

Regularly testing your landing pages will help you better understand the aspects that appeal to your audience and better engage them. More than 20 percent of businesses say that they do not have an effective means of testing their landing pages, but the brands who did successfully boost their conversion rates used 50 percent more tests and 47 percent more methods to improve conversion.* Doing the work will definitely yield results.

Landing pages are powerful tools in lead generation. By taking the time to optimize your page, you can generate higher returns for your marketing efforts and promote business growth.

*Source: Hubspot

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