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brand equity

Building equity in a property means increasing its residual value. Brand equity increases the value of all your marketing efforts by improving visitors’ recall, establishing you as an authoritative source and setting you apart from the competition. Branding alone can make the difference in a buying decision. Think that’s not true? Consider products like white sugar and aspirin. Everything in your sugar bowl is sucrose, and everything in that bottle you keep in the medicine cabinet is acetylsalicylic acid. They’re pure substances, yet manufacturers have spent millions to position themselves as the best brand.

B2B decision-makers consider the brand a central (rather than marginal) element of a supplier’s value proposition.

To embrace fully the concept of brand equity, the brand itself has to have intrinsic value. You and your company, not just your products or services, are worth more as a cohesive brand than as a collection of marketing campaigns. Brands have continuity; they persist throughout individual campaigns and across marketing channels. Your buyers take a journey, not a jaunt, and they want a reliable brand to stay with them along the way. That’s why branding is critical to B2B industries that have, typically, a longer stretch from initial contact to sale. When so much of what you do relies on reputation, building that reputation through brand equity couldn’t be more important.

One of your primary tools for building brand equity is also one of your most accessible: email. Often your first point of contact with your leads and prospects, email is your initial opportunity to familiarize them with you. Encapsulating your brand in your email ensures that your next communication for future campaigns or retargeting feels familiar, because with email, familiarity breeds sales.

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