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Big businesses generate an even larger amount of information on their prospects and customers, but all too often, it’s isolated in filing cabinets and CRMs. That siloing of information limits growth; companies can’t readily scale up operations without losing some of that data unless they have a system that grows with them. Marketing automation software is giving businesses of every size and type the power to turn raw information into real knowledge and maintain outstanding customer service no matter how large they grow.

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, business owners rely on the intangibles they offer to differentiate them from the crowd. Customer-centric service that offers users an experience they can’t get from anyone else is critical to growth. Marketing automation tools use big data analysis to enable the kind of customized service that keeps you at the fore of your industry. With automation, that deluge of data becomes actionable; it’s no longer compartmentalized. Here’s how to use big data to become an even bigger business without the growing pains.

Nurture Campaigns

Customers want to feel catered to, yet how do companies with millions of customers manage it? Big data helps businesses excel at providing that level of individual service. Marketing automation is designed to deliver customized content at precisely the right time to the right audience. Big data has great predictive value, and a marketing automation system turns your past data into insight. With that knowledge, your marketing team creates nurture campaigns that feel organic because they rely on behavioral and contextual triggers from your customers. From the client’s perspective, service feels individual while giving you the power to hold millions of conversations at once.

Customer Knowledge

Business owners who are plugged in to their customer base may already have a good intuitive sense of what their clientele wants, but big data roots that intuition in knowledge. Until they know who their customers are, businesses aren’t able to serve their clients exactly what they need. Big data excels at compiling customer information and using it to see larger trends that even the most intuitive CEO might miss. When you know your customers well enough to predict their needs, you anticipate the market and provide better service. In an increasingly service-oriented environment in B2B markets, that’s a crucial advantage.

Loyalty Programs

Lead nurturing and client care don’t stop with a sale. Continuing to provide outstanding service to customers is what keeps them coming back, and big data makes loyalty programs simple to implement. Just as lead nurture programs guide new prospects through the marketing pipeline with targeted and personalized content, customer loyalty programs encourage existing clients to maintain their good relationships with the company. The information gathered about how customers use loyalty programs not only helps businesses serve those clients now but also informs how they’ll improve customer service in the future.

Is your current marketing strategy sustainable in the long term? Can it continue to expand with your market, or is siloed data holding you back from growth?

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