The Best Gift You Can Give Your Loyal Customers

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Loyal Customers
What do you get the people who matter most to your company, your buyers, to show your appreciation for their loyalty? It’s a given that you’ll offer your customers great service and an outstanding product, but there’s something else you can provide that no other business without a MARKETING AI® can: deep understanding.

Data enhancement and complete sales/marketing integration as part of your overall marketing automation system make it possible to understand more about your buyers, which in turn lets you deliver what they need almost before they know they need it.

Giving the gift of understanding is about more than just using the right name on an email greeting line or showing off as much data as possible, though. Here’s how to reward customer loyalty using data enhancement intelligently with the help of your marketing data management consultant.

Making Mountains into Molehills

What are the pain points your customer faces? Combining data enrichment with a thorough knowledge of your market will give you a remarkably clear idea. With that knowledge, you’re able to develop marketing campaigns that speak directly to a lead’s needs. For example, if you’re a site builder, your email might feature an industry issue and a job title in the subject line:

  • The 5 Email Mistakes [Job Title]s Make
  • Trouble with [Company Name] Landing Pages?
  • [Industry] Downturn Threatens [Job Title]

Notice that none of these subject lines includes a name. Any machine can spit out an email sent to “Dear Firstname Lastname.” At this point, no one’s particularly impressed if you get that fundamental detail right (although they’ll definitely notice if you get it wrong). Instead, save the names for the greeting and use the important real estate of the subject line for something more attention-getting.

Beyond the Names

Names are still important, but they’re just the most basic unit of data. It’s when you combine that basic knowledge with a more nuanced and sophisticated understanding of the role your customer plays that you start to see the true power of data to help you connect with buyers. Incorporating a personal note within the body of an email or addressing your customer’s specific role within the organization demonstrates that you’re aware of your buyer not just as an account but an individual.

Experience Is Everything

If you want leads to become buyers and buyers to remain longtime customers, you need to build them somewhere they feel at home with a tailored user experience. Marketing automation technology now lets you develop customized website pages and precisely calibrated nurture program content that fits itself around your buyer instead of expecting leads to adapt themselves to you. That unprecedented flexibility is heavily dependent on accurate data. If you’re intending to mold your user experience to your users, then you have to know them well. Some questions to consider:

  • Are your customers’ needs seasonal, and how does your current content reflect that?
  • How deep is your saturation within an organization? Does it need to be deeper?
  • Does your site design and content accurately reflect your customers’ preferences?
  • How frequently do you and your MARKETING AI® update the data on which your customization is built?

Rewarding your customers’ loyalty is always a winning strategy. When you’re able to do it with sensitivity and keen insight, you’ll keep them for life.

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